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Kapacitor is a data processing engine. It can process both stream and batch data.

Using this image

Start the Kapacitor container with default options:

docker run --net=host -v /path/on/host/kapacitorFiles/:/var/lib/kapacitor kapacitor

Start the Kapacitor container with custom configuration.

docker run --net=host -v /path/on/host/kapacitor.config:/etc/kapacitor/kapacitor.conf:ro -v /path/on/host/kapacitorFiles/:/var/lib/kapacitor kapacitor

Start the Kapacitor container with custom configuration using env vars.

docker run --net=host -e KAPACITOR_LOGGING_LEVEL=DEBUG -v /path/on/host/kapacitorFiles/:/var/lib/kapacitor kapacitor

Using the CLI

The kapacitor CLI binary is also included in the image. To start a container for communicating with the kapacitor daemon, change the entrypoint

docker run -it --entrypoint=bash -v /path/on/host/kapacitorFiles/:/var/lib/kapacitor kapacitor

Then from within the container you can use the kapacitor command to interact with the daemon. Assuming you have Telegraf + InfluxDB + Kapacitor all hooked up, then create a file cpu_alert.tick. If not then see the docker-compose TICK stack environment for easy setup.

cat > cpu_alert.tick << EOF
    // Select just the cpu measurement from our example database.
        .crit(lambda: "usage_idle" < 100 )
        // Whenever we get an alert notify slack

Then define, enable and watch the status of the task:

kapacitor define -name cpu_alert -type stream -dbrp telegraf.default -tick cpu_alert.tick
kapacitor enable cpu_alert
kapacitor show cpu_alert

See this for a more detailed guide.

Supported Docker versions

This image is officially supported on Docker version 1.10.1