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commit 212c550a55a061081732706e1785a53a444f9f28 1 parent 6a1a54c
@tianyicui authored
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  1. +57 −0 ch06/interpreter.scm
57 ch06/interpreter.scm
@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+#lang plai
+(define-type FAE
+ [num (n number?)]
+ [add (lhs FAE?) (rhs FAE?)]
+ [sub (lhs FAE?) (rhs FAE?)]
+ [id (name symbol?)]
+ [fun (param symbol?) (body FAE?)]
+ [app (fun-expr FAE?) (arg-expr FAE?)])
+(define (parse expr)
+ (cond ((number? expr) [num expr])
+ ((symbol? expr) [id expr])
+ ((eq? '+ (car expr)) [add (parse (cadr expr)) (parse (caddr expr))])
+ ((eq? '- (car expr)) [sub (parse (cadr expr)) (parse (caddr expr))])
+ ((eq? 'fun (car expr)) [fun (cadr expr) (parse (caddr expr))])
+ ((eq? 'with (car expr)) [app [fun (caadr expr) (parse (caddr expr))] (parse (cadadr expr))])
+ (else [app (parse (car expr)) (parse (cadr expr))])))
+(define-type FAE-Value
+ [numV (n number?)]
+ [closureV (param symbol?)
+ (body FAE?)
+ (ds DefrdSub?)])
+(define-type DefrdSub
+ [mtSub]
+ [aSub (name symbol?) (valule FAE-Value?) (ds DefrdSub?)])
+(define (lookup-ds name ds)
+ (type-case DefrdSub ds
+ [mtSub () (error 'lookup "no binding for identifier")]
+ [aSub (bound-name bound-value rest-ds)
+ (if (symbol=? name bound-name)
+ bound-value
+ (lookup-ds name rest-ds))]))
+(define (add-numbers lval rval)
+ [numV (+ (numV-n lval) (numV-n rval))])
+(define (minus-numbers lval rval)
+ [numV (- (numV-n lval) (numV-n rval))])
+(define (interp expr ds)
+ (type-case FAE expr
+ [num (n) (numV n)]
+ [add (l r) (add-numbers (interp l ds) (interp r ds))]
+ [sub (l r) (minus-numbers (interp l ds) (interp r ds))]
+ [id (v) (lookup-ds v ds)]
+ [fun (bound-id bound-body)
+ (closureV bound-id bound-body ds)]
+ [app (fun-expr arg-expr)
+ (local ([define fun-val (interp fun-expr ds)])
+ (interp (closureV-body fun-val)
+ (aSub (closureV-param fun-val)
+ (interp arg-expr ds)
+ (closureV-ds fun-val))))]))
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