GIT utilities -- repo summary, commit counting, repl, changelog population and more
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Git Extras

Little git extras.



 $ make install


$ brew install git-extras


  • git summary
  • git changelog
  • git commits-since
  • git count
  • git delete-branch
  • git delete-tag
  • git fresh-branch
  • git graft
  • git ignore
  • git release
  • git contrib
  • git repl
  • git undo
  • git update-extras
  • git setup
  • git reword


Output a user's contributions to a project, based on the author name:

$ git contrib visionmedia
visionmedia (18):
  Replaced several calls with
  Moved help msg to node-repl
  Added multiple arg support for sys.puts(), print(), etc.
  Fix stack output on socket error


Outputs a repo summary:

$ git summary

  project: express       
  commits: 1893          
  files  : 111           
   1285	visionmedia    
    478	Tj Holowaychuk 
     48	Aaron Heckmann 
     34	csausdev       
     26	ciaranj        
      6	Guillermo Rauch
      3	Nick Poulden   
      2	Brian McKinney 
      2	Benny Wong     
      1	Justin Lilly   
      1	James Herdman  
      1	Adam Sanderson 
      1	Viktor Kelemen 
      1	Gregory Ritter 
      1	Greg Ritter    
      1	ewoudj         
      1	isaacs         
      1	Matt Colyer    

This command can also take a commitish, and will print a summary for the range of commits included in the commitish:

$ git summary v42..


GIT read-eval-print-loop:

 $ git repl
 git> ls-files
 git> quit

git-commits-since [date]

List of commits since the given date, defaulting to "last week":

$ git commits-since
... changes since last week
TJ Holowaychuk - Fixed readme
TJ Holowaychuk - Added git-repl
TJ Holowaychuk - Added git-delete-tag
TJ Holowaychuk - Added git-delete-branch

$ git commits-since yesterday
... changes since yesterday
TJ Holowaychuk - Fixed readme


Output commit total:

$ git count

total 1844

Output verbose commit count details:

$ git count --all

visionmedia (1285)
Tj Holowaychuk (430)
Aaron Heckmann (48)
csausdev (34)
ciaranj (26)
Guillermo Rauch (6)
Brian McKinney (2)
Nick Poulden (2)
Benny Wong (2)
Justin Lilly (1)
isaacs (1)
Adam Sanderson (1)
Viktor Kelemen (1)
Gregory Ritter (1)
Greg Ritter (1)
ewoudj (1)
James Herdman (1)
Matt Colyer (1)

total 1844


Release commit with the given <tag>.

$ git release 0.1.0

Does the following:

  • Commits changes (to changelog etc) with message "Release <tag>"
  • Tags with the given <tag>
  • Pushes the branch / tags


To lazy to open up .gitignore? me too! simply pass some patterns:

$ git ignore build "*.o" "*.log"
... added 'build'
... added '*.o'
... added '*.log'

git-delete-branch <name>

Deletes local and remote branch name.

$ git delete-branch integration

git-delete-tag <name>

Deletes local and remote tag name.

$ git delete-tag 0.0.1

git-fresh-branch <name>

Creates empty local branch name.

$ git fresh-branch docs

git-graft <src-branch> <dest-branch>

Merge commits from src-branch into dest-branch which defaults to master.

$ git graft new_feature dev
$ git graft new_feature


Populates the file named matching change|history -i with the commits since the previous tag or since the project began when no tags are present. Opens the changelog in $EDITOR when set.

$ git changelog && cat

n.n.n / 2010-08-05 

* Docs for git-ignore. Closes #3
* Merge branch 'ignore'
* Added git-ignore
* Fixed <tag> in docs
* Install docs
* Merge branch 'release'
* Added git-release
* Passing args to git shortlog
* Added --all support to git-count
* Initial commit

Listing commits:

$ git changelog --list

* Docs for git-ignore. Closes #3
* Merge branch 'ignore'
* Added git-ignore
* Fixed <tag> in docs
* Install docs
* Merge branch 'release'
* Added git-release
* Passing args to git shortlog
* Added --all support to git-count
* Initial commit


Removes the latest commit

git undo

Remove the latest 3 commits:

git undo 3


Updates git extras. clones the repo to /tmp/git-extras, make installs, then cds back to the origin directory.

git-setup [dir]

Set up a git repository if one doesn't exist, add all files and make an initial commit. dir defaults to the current working directory.

git-reword [commit]

Open an editor to edit the commit message. If no commit provided, it will let you reword HEAD.

Internally, it will call git rebase -i commit^, so it has the side effect of rebase.