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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE language SYSTEM "language.dtd">
Kate CSS syntax highlighting definition
- Version 2.03, by Milian Wolff:
- Make it spelling aware
- Version 2.02, by Rafał Miłecki:
- Added CSS 3 properties "border-*-image" and "border-*-radius".
- Added CSS values "clip", "ellipsis" and "ellipsis-word".
- Added CSS 3 properties "overflow-x", "overflow-y", "text-overflow", "box-shadow" and "outline-offset".
- Added CSS 3 color values: "rgba", "hsl" and "hsla".
- Added Gecko CSS properties: "-moz-border-*-colors".
- Added background size properties: "background-size" and prefixes: "-o-", "-webkit-" and "-khtml-".
- Version 2.01, by Mathieu Bonnet:
- Added CSS 3 property "border-radius".
- Added Gecko CSS properties "-moz-border-radius" and "-moz-box-flex".
- Added Gecko CSS value "-moz-box".
- Added Trident CSS functional notation "expression".
- Extended the id and class syntax specifications, as per CSS 2.1 grammar.
<language name="CSS" version="2.04" kateversion="2.4" section="Markup" extensions="*.css" indenter="cstyle"
mimetype="text/css" author="Wilbert Berendsen (" license="LGPL">
<list name="properties">
<!-- CSS2 -->
<item> azimuth </item>
<item> background </item>
<item> background-attachment </item>
<item> background-color </item>
<item> background-image </item>
<item> background-position </item>
<item> background-repeat </item>
<item> border </item>
<item> border-bottom </item>
<item> border-bottom-color </item>
<item> border-bottom-style </item>
<item> border-bottom-width </item>
<item> border-collapse </item>
<item> border-color </item>
<item> border-left </item>
<item> border-left-color </item>
<item> border-left-style </item>
<item> border-left-width </item>
<item> border-right </item>
<item> border-right-color </item>
<item> border-right-style </item>
<item> border-right-width </item>
<item> border-spacing </item>
<item> border-style </item>
<item> border-top </item>
<item> border-top-color </item>
<item> border-top-style </item>
<item> border-top-width </item>
<item> border-width </item>
<item> bottom </item>
<item> caption-side </item>
<item> clear </item>
<item> clip </item>
<item> color </item>
<item> content </item>
<item> counter-increment </item>
<item> counter-reset </item>
<item> cue </item>
<item> cue-after </item>
<item> cue-before </item>
<item> cursor </item>
<item> direction </item>
<item> display </item>
<item> elevation </item>
<item> empty-cells </item>
<item> float </item>
<item> font </item>
<item> font-family </item>
<item> font-size </item>
<item> font-size-adjust </item>
<item> font-stretch </item>
<item> font-style </item>
<item> font-variant </item>
<item> font-weight </item>
<item> height </item>
<item> left </item>
<item> letter-spacing </item>
<item> line-height </item>
<item> list-style </item>
<item> list-style-image </item>
<item> list-style-keyword </item>
<item> list-style-position </item>
<item> list-style-type </item>
<item> margin </item>
<item> margin-bottom </item>
<item> margin-left </item>
<item> margin-right </item>
<item> margin-top </item>
<item> marker-offset </item>
<item> max-height </item>
<item> max-width </item>
<item> min-height </item>
<item> min-width </item>
<item> orphans </item>
<item> outline </item>
<item> outline-color </item>
<item> outline-style </item>
<item> outline-width </item>
<item> overflow </item>
<item> padding </item>
<item> padding-bottom </item>
<item> padding-left </item>
<item> padding-right </item>
<item> padding-top </item>
<item> page </item>
<item> page-break-after </item>
<item> page-break-before </item>
<item> page-break-inside </item>
<item> pause </item>
<item> pause-after </item>
<item> pause-before </item>
<item> pitch </item>
<item> pitch-range </item>
<item> play-during </item>
<item> position </item>
<item> quotes </item>
<item> richness </item>
<item> right </item>
<item> size </item>
<item> speak </item>
<item> speak-header </item>
<item> speak-numeral </item>
<item> speak-punctuation </item>
<item> speech-rate </item>
<item> stress </item>
<item> table-layout </item>
<item> text-align </item>
<item> text-decoration </item>
<item> text-decoration-color </item>
<item> text-indent </item>
<item> text-shadow </item>
<item> text-transform </item>
<item> top </item>
<item> unicode-bidi </item>
<item> vertical-align </item>
<item> visibility </item>
<item> voice-family </item>
<item> volume </item>
<item> white-space </item>
<item> widows </item>
<item> width </item>
<item> word-spacing </item>
<item> z-index </item>
<!-- CSS3 -->
<item> border-bottom-image </item>
<item> border-bottom-left-image </item>
<item> border-bottom-left-radius </item>
<item> border-bottom-right-image </item>
<item> border-bottom-right-radius </item>
<item> border-corner-image </item>
<item> border-image </item>
<item> border-left-image </item>
<item> border-radius </item>
<item> border-right-image </item>
<item> border-top-image </item>
<item> border-top-left-image </item>
<item> border-top-left-radius </item>
<item> border-top-right-image </item>
<item> border-top-right-radius </item>
<item> box-shadow </item>
<item> box-sizing </item>
<item> opacity </item>
<item> outline-offset </item>
<item> overflow-x </item>
<item> overflow-y </item>
<item> text-overflow </item>
<item> text-shadow </item>
<!-- Gecko rendering engine CSS property extensions -->
<item> -moz-border-bottom-colors </item>
<item> -moz-border-left-colors </item>
<item> -moz-border-radius </item>
<item> -moz-border-right-colors </item>
<item> -moz-border-top-colors </item>
<item> -moz-box-flex </item>
<!-- Opera rendering engine CSS property extensions -->
<item> -o-background-size </item>
<item> -o-text-overflow </item>
<!-- konq specific -->
<item> -khtml-background-size </item>
<item> konq_bgpos_x </item>
<item> konq_bgpos_y </item>
<!-- Webkit rendering engine CSS property extensions -->
<item> -webkit-background-size </item>
<!-- font properties in @font-face -->
<item> font-family </item>
<item> font-size </item>
<item> font-stretch </item>
<item> font-style </item>
<item> font-variant </item>
<item> font-weight </item>
<item> unicode-range </item>
<item> units-per-em </item>
<item> src </item>
<item> panose-1 </item>
<item> stemv </item>
<item> stemh </item>
<item> slope </item>
<item> cap-height </item>
<item> x-height </item>
<item> ascent </item>
<item> descent </item>
<item> widths </item>
<item> bbox </item>
<item> definition-src </item>
<item> baseline </item>
<item> centerline </item>
<item> mathline </item>
<item> topline </item>
<list name="types">
<item> inherit </item>
<item> none </item>
<item> hidden </item>
<item> dotted </item>
<item> dashed </item>
<item> solid </item>
<item> double </item>
<item> groove </item>
<item> ridge </item>
<item> inset </item>
<item> outset </item>
<item> xx-small </item>
<item> x-small </item>
<item> small </item>
<item> medium </item>
<item> large </item>
<item> x-large </item>
<item> xx-large </item>
<item> smaller </item>
<item> larger </item>
<item> italic </item>
<item> oblique </item>
<item> small-caps </item>
<item> normal </item>
<item> bold </item>
<item> bolder </item>
<item> lighter </item>
<item> light </item>
<item> 100 </item>
<item> 200 </item>
<item> 300 </item>
<item> 400 </item>
<item> 500 </item>
<item> 600 </item>
<item> 700 </item>
<item> 800 </item>
<item> 900 </item>
<item> transparent </item>
<item> repeat </item>
<item> repeat-x </item>
<item> repeat-y </item>
<item> no-repeat </item>
<item> baseline </item>
<item> sub </item>
<item> super </item>
<item> top </item>
<item> text-top </item>
<item> middle </item>
<item> bottom </item>
<item> text-bottom </item>
<item> left </item>
<item> right </item>
<item> center </item>
<item> justify </item>
<item> konq-center </item>
<item> disc </item>
<item> circle </item>
<item> square </item>
<item> box </item>
<item> decimal </item>
<item> decimal-leading-zero </item>
<item> lower-roman </item>
<item> upper-roman </item>
<item> lower-greek </item>
<item> lower-alpha </item>
<item> lower-latin </item>
<item> upper-alpha </item>
<item> upper-latin </item>
<item> hebrew </item>
<item> armenian </item>
<item> georgian </item>
<item> cjk-ideographic </item>
<item> hiragana </item>
<item> katakana </item>
<item> hiragana-iroha </item>
<item> katakana-iroha </item>
<item> inline </item>
<item> inline-block </item>
<item> block </item>
<item> list-item </item>
<item> run-in </item>
<item> compact </item>
<item> marker </item>
<item> table </item>
<item> inline-table </item>
<item> table-row-group </item>
<item> table-header-group </item>
<item> table-footer-group </item>
<item> table-row </item>
<item> table-column-group </item>
<item> table-column </item>
<item> table-cell </item>
<item> table-caption </item>
<item> auto </item>
<item> crosshair </item>
<item> default </item>
<item> pointer </item>
<item> move </item>
<item> e-resize </item>
<item> ne-resize </item>
<item> nw-resize </item>
<item> n-resize </item>
<item> se-resize </item>
<item> sw-resize </item>
<item> s-resize </item>
<item> w-resize </item>
<item> text </item>
<item> wait </item>
<item> help </item>
<item> above </item>
<item> absolute </item>
<item> always </item>
<item> avoid </item>
<item> below </item>
<item> bidi-override </item>
<item> blink </item>
<item> both </item>
<item> capitalize </item>
<item> caption </item>
<item> clip </item>
<item> close-quote </item>
<item> collapse </item>
<item> condensed </item>
<item> crop </item>
<item> cross </item>
<item> ellipsis </item>
<item> ellipsis-word </item>
<item> embed </item>
<item> expanded </item>
<item> extra-condensed </item>
<item> extra-expanded </item>
<item> fixed </item>
<item> hand </item>
<item> hide </item>
<item> higher </item>
<item> icon </item>
<item> inside </item>
<item> invert </item>
<item> landscape </item>
<item> level </item>
<item> line-through </item>
<item> loud </item>
<item> lower </item>
<item> lowercase </item>
<item> ltr </item>
<item> menu </item>
<item> message-box </item>
<item> mix </item>
<item> narrower </item>
<item> no-close-quote </item>
<item> no-open-quote </item>
<item> nowrap </item>
<item> open-quote </item>
<item> outside </item>
<item> overline </item>
<item> portrait </item>
<item> pre </item>
<item> pre-line </item>
<item> pre-wrap </item>
<item> relative </item>
<item> rtl </item>
<item> scroll </item>
<item> semi-condensed </item>
<item> semi-expanded </item>
<item> separate </item>
<item> show </item>
<item> small-caption </item>
<item> static </item>
<item> static-position </item>
<item> status-bar </item>
<item> thick </item>
<item> thin </item>
<item> ultra-condensed </item>
<item> ultra-expanded </item>
<item> underline </item>
<item> uppercase </item>
<item> visible </item>
<item> wider </item>
<item> break </item>
<item> serif </item>
<item> sans-serif </item>
<item> cursive </item>
<item> fantasy </item>
<item> monospace </item>
<item> border-box </item>
<item> content-box </item>
<!-- Gecko rendering engine CSS value extensions -->
<item> -moz-box </item>
<list name="colors">
<item> aqua </item>
<item> black </item>
<item> blue </item>
<item> cyan </item>
<item> fuchsia </item>
<item> gray </item>
<item> green </item>
<item> lime </item>
<item> maroon </item>
<item> navy </item>
<item> olive </item>
<item> purple </item>
<item> red </item>
<item> silver </item>
<item> teal </item>
<item> white </item>
<item> yellow </item>
<item> ActiveBorder </item>
<item> ActiveCaption </item>
<item> AppWorkspace </item>
<item> Background </item>
<item> ButtonFace </item>
<item> ButtonHighlight </item>
<item> ButtonShadow </item>
<item> ButtonText </item>
<item> CaptionText </item>
<item> GrayText </item>
<item> Highlight </item>
<item> HighlightText </item>
<item> InactiveBorder </item>
<item> InactiveCaption </item>
<item> InactiveCaptionText </item>
<item> InfoBackground </item>
<item> InfoText </item>
<item> Menu </item>
<item> MenuText </item>
<item> Scrollbar </item>
<item> ThreeDDarkShadow </item>
<item> ThreeDFace </item>
<item> ThreeDHighlight </item>
<item> ThreeDLightShadow </item>
<item> ThreeDShadow </item>
<item> Window </item>
<item> WindowFrame </item>
<item> WindowText </item>
<list name="paren">
<item> url </item>
<item> attr </item>
<item> rect </item>
<item> rgb </item>
<item> rgba </item>
<item> hsl </item>
<item> hsla </item>
<item> counter </item>
<item> counters </item>
<!-- in @font-face -->
<item> local </item>
<item> format </item>
<!-- Trident (a.k.a., MSHTML) rendering engine functional notation extensions -->
<item> expression </item>
<list name="mediatypes">
<item> all </item>
<item> aural </item>
<item> braille </item>
<item> embossed </item>
<item> handheld </item>
<item> print </item>
<item> projection </item>
<item> screen </item>
<item> tty </item>
<item> tv </item>
<list name="pseudoclasses">
<item> hover </item>
<item> link </item>
<item> visited </item>
<item> active </item>
<item> focus </item>
<item> first-child </item>
<item> last-child </item>
<item> only-child </item>
<item> first-of-type </item>
<item> last-of-type </item>
<item> only-of-type </item>
<item> first-letter </item>
<item> first-line </item>
<item> before </item>
<item> after </item>
<item> selection </item>
<item> root </item>
<item> empty </item>
<item> target </item>
<item> enabled </item>
<item> disabled </item>
<item> checked </item>
<item> indeterminate </item>
<item> nth-child </item>
<item> nth-last-child </item>
<item> nth-of-type </item>
<item> nth-last-of-type </item>
<item> not </item>
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="Base">
<IncludeRules context="FindRuleSets" />
<!-- to be included -->
<!-- finds rules and detects nesting -->
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="FindRuleSets">
<RegExpr attribute="Media" context="Media" String="@media\b" />
<RegExpr attribute="At Rule" context="Import" String="@import\b" />
<RegExpr attribute="At Rule" context="#stay" String="@(font-face|charset)\b" />
<DetectChar attribute="Property" context="RuleSet" char="{" beginRegion="ruleset" />
<!--parse selectors-->
<DetectChar attribute="Selector Attr" context="SelAttr" char="[" />
<RegExpr attribute="Selector Id" context="#stay" String="#([a-zA-Z0-9\-_]|[\x80-\xFF]|\\[0-9A-Fa-f]{1,6})*" />
<RegExpr attribute="Selector Class" context="#stay" String="\.([a-zA-Z0-9\-_]|[\x80-\xFF]|\\[0-9A-Fa-f]{1,6})*" />
<RegExpr attribute="Selector Pseudo" context="#stay" String=":lang\([\w_-]+\)" />
<DetectChar attribute="Selector Pseudo" context="SelPseudo" char=":" />
<IncludeRules context="FindStrings" />
<IncludeRules context="FindComments" />
<!-- finds arguments to properties -->
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="FindValues">
<RegExpr attribute="Value" context="#stay" String="[-+]?[0-9.]+(em|ex|px|in|cm|mm|pt|pc|deg|rad|grad|ms|s|Hz|kHz)\b" />
<RegExpr attribute="Value" context="#stay" String="[-+]?[0-9.]+[%]?" />
<RegExpr attribute="Normal Text" context="#stay" String="[\w\-]+" />
<!-- finds strings -->
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="FindStrings">
<DetectChar attribute="String" context="StringDQ" char="&quot;" />
<DetectChar attribute="String" context="StringSQ" char="'" />
<!-- finds comments -->
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="FindComments">
<RegExpr attribute="Region Marker" context="#stay" String="/\*BEGIN.*\*/" beginRegion="UserDefined" />
<RegExpr attribute="Region Marker" context="#stay" String="/\*END.*\*/" endRegion="UserDefined" />
<Detect2Chars attribute="Comment" context="Comment" char="/" char1="*" beginRegion="comment" />
<!-- other contexts -->
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="Media">
<DetectChar attribute="Media" context="Media2" char="{" beginRegion="media" />
<keyword attribute="Media" context="#stay" String="mediatypes" />
<DetectChar attribute="Media" context="#stay" char="," />
<IncludeRules context="FindComments" />
<RegExpr attribute="Error" context="#stay" String="\S+" />
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="Media2">
<DetectChar attribute="Media" context="#pop#pop" char="}" endRegion="media" />
<IncludeRules context="FindRuleSets" />
<context attribute="Selector Attr" lineEndContext="#stay" name="SelAttr">
<DetectChar attribute="Selector Attr" context="#pop" char="]" />
<IncludeRules context="FindStrings" />
<context attribute="Selector Pseudo" lineEndContext="#pop" name="SelPseudo"
fallthrough="true" fallthroughContext="#pop">
<keyword attribute="Selector Pseudo" context="#pop" String="pseudoclasses" />
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="Import">
<DetectChar attribute="At Rule" context="#pop" char=";" />
<keyword attribute="Media" context="#stay" String="mediatypes" />
<IncludeRules context="FindValues" />
<IncludeRules context="FindStrings" />
<IncludeRules context="FindComments" />
<context attribute="Comment" lineEndContext="#stay" name="Comment">
<Detect2Chars attribute="Comment" context="#pop" char="*" char1="/" endRegion="comment" />
<IncludeRules context="##Alerts" />
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="RuleSet">
<DetectChar attribute="Property" context="#pop" char="}" endRegion="ruleset" />
<keyword attribute="Property" context="Rule" String="properties" />
<RegExpr attribute="Unknown Property" context="Rule" String="-?[A-Za-z_-]+(?=\s*:)" />
<IncludeRules context="FindComments" />
<RegExpr attribute="Error" context="#stay" String="\S" />
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="Rule">
<DetectChar attribute="Property" context="Rule2" char=":" />
<RegExpr attribute="Error" context="#stay" String="\S" />
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="Rule2">
<DetectChar attribute="Property" context="#pop#pop" char=";" />
<DetectChar attribute="Property" context="#pop#pop#pop" char="}" endRegion="ruleset" />
<!-- parse property values -->
<keyword attribute="Value" context="#stay" String="types" />
<keyword attribute="Value" context="#stay" String="colors" />
<RegExpr attribute="Value" context="#stay" String="#([0-9A-Fa-f]{3}){1,4}\b" />
<keyword attribute="Value" context="PropParen" String="paren" />
<RegExpr attribute="Important" context="#stay" String="!important\b" />
<IncludeRules context="FindValues" />
<IncludeRules context="FindStrings" />
<IncludeRules context="FindComments" />
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="PropParen">
<DetectChar attribute="Value" context="PropParen2" char="(" />
<IncludeRules context="FindComments" />
<RegExpr attribute="Error" context="#stay" String="\S" />
<context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="PropParen2">
<DetectChar attribute="Value" context="#pop#pop" char=")" />
<IncludeRules context="FindValues" />
<IncludeRules context="FindStrings" />
<IncludeRules context="FindComments" />
<!-- string contexts -->
<context attribute="String" lineEndContext="#stay" name="StringDQ">
<DetectChar attribute="String" context="#pop" char="&quot;" />
<IncludeRules context="InsideString" />
<context attribute="String" lineEndContext="#stay" name="StringSQ">
<DetectChar attribute="String" context="#pop" char="'" />
<IncludeRules context="InsideString" />
<context attribute="String" lineEndContext="#stay" name="InsideString">
<RegExpr attribute="String" context="#stay" String="\\[&quot;']" />
<itemData name="Normal Text" defStyleNum="dsNormal" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Property" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Unknown Property" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" italic="1" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Media" defStyleNum="dsDecVal" bold="1" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="At Rule" defStyleNum="dsDecVal" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="String" defStyleNum="dsString"/>
<itemData name="Value" defStyleNum="dsDataType" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Important" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Selector Attr" defStyleNum="dsChar" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Selector Id" defStyleNum="dsFloat" bold="1" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Selector Class" defStyleNum="dsFloat" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Selector Pseudo" defStyleNum="dsDecVal" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Comment" defStyleNum="dsComment" />
<itemData name="Region Marker" defStyleNum="dsRegionMarker" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Alert" defStyleNum="dsAlert" spellChecking="false"/>
<itemData name="Error" defStyleNum="dsError" spellChecking="false"/>
<keywords casesensitive="0" weakDeliminator="-%"/>
<comment name="multiLine" start="/*" end="*/" />
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