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Tianyi Cui (崔添翼)
Phone:: +8613958103659 (It's a prime number!)
* I am not seeking career opportunities right now.
.Algorithm design, analysis and implementation
* I am quite proficient in ACM/ICPC-level algorithmic problem-solving.
* I am experienced with implementing algorithms based on textbooks and research papers.
.Programming skills
* Writing clean code in `C`, `Python`, `Ruby`, `C#` and `OCaml` with practical experiences.
* Highly interested in functional programming languages such as `Haskell`, `Erlang`, `F#`, `Scala`, `Clojure`, `Lisp`.
* Test-driven development with `RSpec`, `NUnit` and similar tools.
* Lexical analysis and parsing with `flex`, `bison`, `parsec`, `treetop` and similar tools.
.Programming tools
* Source code management: `Git`, `Mercurial`, `Subversion`.
* Editor/IDE: `Vim`, `Visual Studio`.
* I also have rich experience with common `Unix` command line utilities.
.General skills
* Excellent quick learning and problem-solving ability under time constraints.
* Critical thinking and effective communication.
Academic Achievements
.ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
* Harbin Regional, Gold Medal, 2008
* Hangzhou Regional, Gold Medal, 2008
* Hefei Regional (team leader), Gold Medal, 2009
* Wuhan Regional (team leader), Gold Medal, 2009
* Jinhua Regional (team leader), Gold Medal, 2012
* Hangzhou Regional (team leader), Gold Medal, 2012
.Zhejiang Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest
* 1st place, 2009
* 1st place, 2010
Intern Experience
* In January to February 2012, at _Hulu_'s Research team, I helped to build a prototype of P2P video-on-demand `Flash` client in `ActionScript`.
* In December 2011, at _Hulu_'s Engineering Excellence team, I helped to build an automatic testing framework for `Flash` applications in `C#` using `WebDriver`.
* In April to May 2011, at _Internet Graphics Group_ of _Microsoft Research Asia_, I improved the demo program of _TransCut_ project by adding `Natural User Interface`, where I designed and implemented the body gesture UI using `Kinect`.
* In February to March 2011, at _Innovation Engineering Center_ of _Microsoft Research Asia_, I participated in the development of _Bing Dictionary_'s desktop client. I designed and implemented some core algorithms being used in both client and server side, mainly in `Natural Language Processing` field.
Open Source Experience
* In September 2012, I created `GoLio` (, which is a `Lisp` dialect implemented in `OCaml` with a `Go`-like concurrency model (i.e, goroutines and channels).
* I submitted patches to various open source projects; most of them got accepted. The notable projects are `Homebrew`, `RVM`, `RSpec`, `SimpleCov`, `highlighting-kate`, and `Redcar`. More details on
* I am an undergraduate in College of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University, and expected to graduated in June 2013.
* This resume was created using `Vim` and `AsciiDoc`, then spell checked with `Aspell`. The process of generating HTML and uploading it to my server is automated by using `Make`, `Git` and `OpenSSH`.
* The latest version of my resume is always available online in[plain text] and[HTML].
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