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generate pdf/eps/svg files from tikz
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tikz_export is a tool to generate the pdf/eps/svg files from the latex tikz diagrams.


  1. download/clone the scripts into a folder, then run
    $ sudo pip install -e .

basic usage:

  1. to generate the pdf files from all the tikzpictures
    $ tikz_export basic.tex -f pdf
  2. to generate the eps files with -f option
    $ tikz_export basic.tex -f eps
  3. change the output filename with -o option
    $ tikz_export basic.tex -f eps -o myfile
    • then the output filenames will be myfile0.eps, myfile1.eps, etc.
  4. only process the nth image with -n option. For example, to keep the first tikzpicture only
    $ tikz_export basic.tex -f eps -n 0
  5. only keep the tikzpictures with specific output filenames
    1. set the output filename in latex file. To define the filename, add a line before \begin{tikzpicture}, which starts with "%%% ", e.g.,

      %%% mypicture
    2. then you can choose to generate that picture only,

      $ tikz_export basic.tex -f eps --fig mypicture
    3. it also supports wildcard character

      $ tikz_export basic.tex -f eps --fig *my*
      • it will process all the pictures with my in theirs output filenames.
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