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Scala-Virtualized is a branch of the Scala compiler and standard library that contains a few additions to provide even better support for embedded DSLs (we call that language virtualization).

The key features are as follows:

  1. overloadable control structures (while-loops, if-then-else, pattern matching), variables, object creation, etc. Scala has always translated for-comprehensions into method calls, so that the programmer can change the meaning of a for-comprehension by implementing these methods in a certain way. We generalize this to all control flow operators, as well as to the representation of mutable variables and object creation (for now limited to struct-like datatypes, but providing precise types for field-selection).

  2. extension methods: define new infix-methods on existing types (pimp-my-library with less boilerplate)

Material in This Wiki

Tutorial source code is available here.

Binary Releases

Releases of Scala-Virtualized are binary compatible with the corresponding regular Scala release.

Here is a sample build.sbt file for use with the Simple Build Tool (SBT):

name := "My Scala-Virtualized Project"

version := "1.0"

scalaVersion := "2.10.0"

scalaOrganization := "org.scala-lang.virtualized"

Related Projects

Scala-Virtualized is actively used in a couple of open source projects:


Community support is available on the regular Scala mailing lists. Posts should mention scala-virtualized in the subject line.

Using Scala-Virtualized for your project? Please let us know!