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xinput_calibrator 0.7.5 [2010-09-12]
Major features:
* support multi-head setups in the GUIs (Alexey Kuznetsov)
* now builds and runs on older systems too
* output xorg.conf.d snippets (Peter Hutterer)
* simpler and cleaner output, with --output-type to select output type
* only link to needed libraries
* start --fake with sensible non-zero calibration values
* various spelling fixes (thanks Paul Wise)
* remove udev configuration (xorg.conf.d instead, Peter Hutterer)
* remove bogus partial xorg config output, superseded by xorg.conf.d
* sysfs name detection, when device name is sysfs name
* dynamically detect xorg.conf.d support
* updated manpage
* icon, license is CC-BY-SA 3.0
* autotools cleanups (thanks Paul Wise)
xinput_calibrator 0.7.0 [2010-08-01]
Major features:
* Automatic mis-click detection !
* Now compiles only one binary (with gtkmm if availabe, otherwise x11)
* .desktop file for menu entry
* Made a tango-based calibration icon
* Manpage information about making calibration permanent
Bug fixes/enhancements:
* A COPYING file to explicitise MIT/X11 license
* Proper make dist (Thierry Reding)
* Packaging fixes (David Ludlow)
xinput_calibrator 0.6.1 [2010-03-21]
Bug fixes/enhancements:
* More robust device detection: non-master device with axis valuators, in
absolute mode and at least two calibratable axes. (reported by Sam Lin, Eric
* Require libtool in
* fix miny and maxx printing order for UDEV and HAL (Mario Domenech Goulart)
xinput_calibrator 0.6.0 [2010-02-15]
Major features:
* switch to autotools based build system (Petr Štetiar)
* add -v option, prints debug messages
* add --list option, lists calibratable devices
* add support for --device option, selects a specific device
* Add a manpage
Minor features:
* make it compile with strict flags (Petr Štetiar)
* Load font fixed when 9x15 fails in GuiCalibratorX11 (Marco Cavallini)
* add support for specific device id for evdev (necessary when 2 devices have the same name)
* xorg print: clean up output and added udev rule
* evdev: print ways to make config permanent (easier when evdev >= 2.3.0)
* scripts/xinput_calibrator.desktop a sample .desktop file
* scripts/ script to make the changes permanent
(xinput is called with every Xorg start)
Bug fixes/enhancements:
* fix double free in evdev calibrator (reported by Marco Cavallini)
* Check that XInput >= 1.5 in evdev calibrator (reported by Marcin Juszkiewicz)
* check that the device is a XI_TOUCHSCREEN
* set evdev calibration to default when none is apparently set (fixes sleep/resume quirk)
* swap_xy in dynamic evdev: unswap if already swapped
For the complete changeset, see the git log
xinput_calibrator 0.5.0 [2010-01-11]
Major features:
* Rewrite: split the one-huge-file into clean components
* New X11 based gui: like the gtkmm one, but in pure X11
Minor features:
* Add --fake option (for development/testing)
* make the touch points more visuals: draw a cross through them
* press any key to quit
* help text of 4 lines
Bug fixes:
* Use strdup() due to pointer scope autofree [Thanks Sam Lin]
* clarify that the license is the pure MIT/X11 license
xinput_calibrator 0.4.1 [2009-12-1]
* Add README and Changelog file
xinput_calibrator 0.4.0 [2009-12-1]
New features/improvements:
* Add example FDI policy file for generic touchscreen, next to example xorg.conf values
* Add support for providing the current calibration on the command line (with --precalib), add help information (-h or --help). Included a script that reads the current calibration data from lshal, and runs the calibration program with the right --precalib data
* Add support for dynamic evdev re-calibration
xinput_calibrator 0.2.0 [2009-09-10]
New features/improvements:
* Add generic xinput methods for reading the current data and writing example xorg.conf files.
* put usbtouchscreen specific stuff in a new subclass
* Initial code from