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  • Bump dependencies. (2012-04-17)

  • Add labels, which are free-form string values exported by the monitoring server. Labels allow you to export e.g. the command line arguments used to start the executable or the host name it's running on. (2012-04-03)

  • Add original JavaScript files to tarball to ease distribution packaging. (2012-04-03)

  • Change icons to Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licensed one (2012-03-19)

  • Support Snap 0.8 (2012-03-07)

  • Don't require an internet connection, by serving Bootstrap CSS and jQuery from the monitoring server. (2012-01-26)

  • Switch from Blueprint to Bootstrap CSS

  • Overhaul look-and-feel (2012-01-01)

  • Add gauges and change counters to always be monotonically increasing

  • Add web interface column headers

  • Reorganize the web interface to show counters and gauges in separate sections

  • Change REST API to allow separate access to counters and gauges

  • Return the server time in the JSON response it and use server time instead of client time when graphing

  • Make it possible to graph user-defined counters and gauges

  • Format numbers using comma separators

  • Show a message box when the server can't be reached (2011-12-30)

  • Add user-defined counters

  • Suppress Snap logging to stdio

  • Add REST-style API for accessing single counters (2011-12-27)

  • First EKG release
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