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* Check the 'flags' field in the 'kevent' struct for EV_ERROR when the
'kevent' system call returns.
* Is it really worth using a dynamic array to store events returned
from poll instead of using a fixed size of e.g. 1024? At least for
the epoll and kqueue backends that don't require the array size to
be equal to the number of watched file descriptors.
* Can we avoid writing a byte into the wakeup pipe by first checking
an IORef? What are the possible races?
* Return interesting statistics than can be logged by the RTS and used
in e.g. ThreadScope. Number of file descriptors returned from a
poll and the number of timed out polls are two interesting
* How does epoll handle closed file descriptors? They need to be
removed from the epoll set.
* Change how the default backend is selected as whether you have a
backend or not might be distrinct from whether that backend is
functional or not.