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@@ -160,11 +160,6 @@ changes in these libraries. Exception: The Prelude.
-### Line Length
-Maximum line length is *70 characters*. This increases readability as
-the eye has to travel back to the start of the next line.
### Punctuation
Write proper sentences; start with a capital letter and use proper
@@ -206,6 +201,19 @@ comments for data type definitions. Some examples:
salt = 453645243 -- Magic hash salt.
+### Links
+Use in-line links economically. You are encouraged to add links for
+API names. It is not necessary to add links for all API names in a
+Haddock comment. We therefore recommend adding a link to an API name
+* The user might actually want to click on it for more information (in
+ your judgment), and
+* Only for the first occurrence of each API name in the comment (don't
+ bother repeating a link)
4. Naming

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