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DwarfAxe is for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2.5e in Ruby. It requires Ruby 1.9.3 or greater.


Back in 1998-1999, I was in High School taking AP Computer Science AB and Honors Programming in C++. I was also playing AD&D a great deal at the time. I had dreamed of a streamlined system that would help speed up our games and eliminate a great deal of flipping through books, time spent rolling dice and futzing with tables. Large battles were always completely out of the question. Just rolling intitiative alone seemed to take 5 minutes for some reason. Yet, even with the classes I was taking, I just wasn't proficient enough of a programmer and only knew C, C++ and a bit of Perl. Now, using Ruby, making a system like this is far, far easier for me. No pointers!

What this will be used for

I'm initially going to build this as a terminal-based Ruby program, just to get the stuff all in there and moving. Its a complex game, and I want to make sure all of the interactions work properly. After that, I'm going to look at two paths. One is moving it to iOS, using RubyMotion (Objective C's syntax kills me). The other path is to create a city/region simulator using the AD&D rules as the basis, so a city like Waterdeep will be able to have 200,000 or so citizens, all with their own stats, acquantences, etc. We'll see how that goes. No promises.

I will not be making this ever compatible with 3rd or 4th edition AD&D. The rulesets for those games just never felt right to me, and were always too powerful to apply to anything more than superheros. Someone can feel free to fork and do that.


This is currently not usable. Don't try. Not worth it yet. This is just where I'm storing my code at the moment while I build it.