Arduino Code for RFID interface to the Makermate service
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This is Arduino Code and board layout for interfacing with the MakerMate service.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of this project is to create a low-cost Arduino-based interface for the MakerMate service to allow RFID check-in and relay-based powering of systems in a workshop. Can also be adapted to door locks.

The MakerMate service uses a RESTful interface for interaction.

Main Components

  • Arduino (or compatible Amtel chipset layout)
  • RFID interface, communicating over serial
  • Ethernet connection, wired or wireless
  • 16x2 display w/2 buttons (optional and potentially replacable with LEDs)
  • Case. For the moment, either laser cut cigar boxes or laser cut wood/acyrlic boxes
  • Power. Either 5/9V or PoE. PoE requires a hub/switch to power it, but makes it overall easier to wire. Unsure if I can switch a relay from PoE though.
  • 220VAC capable relays at up to 30 amps. Some of the shop equipment is really heavy duty. The relay might be the most expensive part. Also, optionally can be left off if the culture of the hackerspace supports honest usage.

Development Stages

Development will move from more expensive, but easier to create, boards to cheaper and more efficient boards

  1. Use off-the-shelf Arduino components to get it working with the MakerMate service.
  2. Deployment and testing of above solution
  3. Optimization of platform via making a single board that will hold all needed components and hopefully cost under $30/unit including basic case.


The board layout files are distributed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Sharealike license. Code for the Arduino is distributed under a GPL v3 license.