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Tibbo Modbus Gateway Firmware
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Modbus Gateway (MG) Application

This application turns our second-generation TPS devices and DS1101/DS1102 controllers into full-featured Modbus Gateways. Modbus Gateways seamlessly route Modbus requests and replies between Modbus TCP, Modbus ASCII, and Modbus RTU masters and slaves.

To achieve better performance, choose our ARM-based hardware (TPP2(G2), TPP3(G2), EM2000*).

For more information on this app and our Modbus Gateway solution, see the Tibbo Modbus Gateways page.

This solution is also documented in the Tibbo Modbus Gateway Manual (TMGM).

** This device can run the app, but you will need to compile (build) it for the EM2000 by yourself.*

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