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Serverless functions and edge microservices made painless

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Project Flogo is an open source framework to simplify building efficient & modern serverless functions and edge microservices.


🎈 Ultra-light process engine 20x-50x lighter than Java or NodeRed
🌈 Painless development Visual modeler & elegant DSL
⚡️ Event driven by design for Function as a Service (FaaS)
⚙️ Edge deployment model Static binaries for painless edge deployments
🏘 Extensible & reusable by design to build your own apps, frameworks & platforms
🎉 100% Open Source for your dev & hacking pleasure


Project Flogo consists of the following sub-projects available as separate repos:

Getting Started

We've made getting started with Project Flogo as easy as possible. The current set of tooling is designed for:

  • Serverless function developers
  • Cloud-native microservices developers
  • IoT Solutions developers
  • Go developers

Zero-code Developers

If your background is in or you prefer to develop your apps using zero-coding environments, then read on, because we’ve been working on something special for you.

Flogo Web UI is available via Docker Hub or Flogo.io. The Docker image contains the Flogo Web UI along with all required components to begin developing, testing and building deployable artifacts right from your web browser.

To report any issues with Flogo Web UI, use the Issue tracker on this project.

Flogo Web In Action

Go Developers

Getting started with the CLI couldn't be any easier (refer to Flogo CLI repo for detail instructions and dependencies):

  • Install the CLI
go get -u github.com/TIBCOSoftware/flogo-cli/...
  • Create & build your app

  • flogo the core CLI for creating and building your applications
  • flogogen a scafolding tool to begin building your Flogo contributons (activities & triggers)

If you're interested in bulding your own Flogo contributions, refer to the Flogo Documentation or join us on the project-flogo/Lobby Gitter Channel.


Want to contribute to Project Flogo? We've made it easy, all you need to do is fork the repository you intend to contribute to, make your changes and create a Pull Request! Once the pull request has been created, you'll be prompted to sign the CLA (Contributor License Agreement) online.

Not sure where to start? No problem, here are a few suggestions:

  • flogo-contrib: This repository contains all of the contributions, such as activities, triggers, etc. Perhaps there is something missing? Create a new activity or trigger or fix a bug in an existing activity or trigger.
  • Browse all of the Project Flogo repositories and look for issues tagged kind/help-wanted or good first issue

If you have any questions, feel free to post an issue and tag it as a question, email flogo-oss@tibco.com or chat with the team and community:

  • The project-flogo/Lobby Gitter channel should be used for general discussions, start here for all things Flogo!
  • The project-flogo/developers Gitter channel should be used for developer/contributor focused conversations.

For additional details, refer to the Contribution Guidelines.


The top level flogo repo, consisting of flow samples & documentation, is licensed licensed under a BSD-style license. Refer to LICENSE for license text.

Flogo source code in flogo-cli, flogo-lib, flogo-contrib & flogo-services are all licensed under a BSD-style license, refer to LICENSE

Usage Guidelines

We’re excited that you’re using Project Flogo to power your project(s). Please adhere to the usage guidelines when referencing the use of Project Flogo within your project(s) and don't forget to let others know you're using Project Flogo by proudly displaying one of the following badges or the Flynn logo, found in the branding folder of this project.