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Tibia map data Build status

This repository hosts (almost) fully explored Tibia maps in a custom format that is more suitable for version control systems than the original, binary format.

The tibia-maps script can be used to convert from either format to the other.

The custom format consists of three files for each floor:

  1. a PNG image containing the entire map;
  2. a PNG image visualizing the pathfinding data;
  3. a JSON file containing the marker info, if any.

Using the PNGs

Feel free to use the generated data in your own projects. For example, if you need Tibia maps in PNG format, you could hotlink the following URLs:

That way, as soon as the maps are updated here, your project gets the same updates automatically.


Did you discover an area that’s missing from our maps? Let us know!

Not sure where to explore? View the open issues.

Alternatively, if you’re comfortable using command-line tools and Git, you could follow the instructions below to work with the map files directly. Use the official Tibia client to update your maps, convert the maps to PNGs and JSON, and submit a pull request containing your changes.

These maps are being used by and TibiaWiki, so your contributions will be reflected there!

Set up

  1. Install the expected version of Node.js.

  2. Install the tibia-maps command-line utility:

    npm install -g github:tibiamaps/tibia-maps-script
  3. Clone this repository and cd to it in your favorite terminal.


If you’ve added new markers or explored new areas in-game, and you want to contribute them to our map data, then this is what you’re looking for. Copy the new map files to the minimap directory before continuing.

To generate PNGs for the maps + pathfinding visualization and JSON for the marker data based on the map files in the minimap directory, run:

tibia-maps --from-minimap=./minimap --output-dir=./data

The output is saved in the data directory.


If you’ve modified marker data by editing the JSON files, and you’re looking to contribute those changes back to our map data, then this is what you’re looking for.

To generate Tibia-compatible minimap/* files based on the PNGs and JSON files in the data directory, run:

tibia-maps --from-data=./data --output-dir=./minimap

The output is saved in the minimap directory.


Mathias Bynens