WebMIDI VJ experiment: http://tiborsaas.github.io/webmidi-vj/ #music
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WebMIDI VJ Experiment

A nice little experiment to demonstrate WebMIDI is not just for music. If you have a MIDI controller surface, you can control 3D visuals with faders and knobs or a velocity sensitive keyboard.

You can also use virtual MIDI cables to feed MIDI data from other software into the experiment.


Peek here: http://tiborsaas.github.io/webmidi-vj/


The possibilites with WebMIDI are endless. Imagine that you are playing music live from your DAW and by simply placing markers and MIDI events in your sequencer you can control the visualization projected.

Using a MIDI controller, like the M-Audio Trigger Figer you can control your 3D projects in a better way. You might want to assign the knobs to different parameters in your shader code.


Head over to the gh-pages branch to check out the source

Tools used

  • ThreeJS
  • Riot.js
  • Material Design Lite


MIT Style