Bitcoin payment module for Magento.
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Bitcoin. For Magento.

This is a Bitcoin payment module for Magento.

I wrote this module to help promote Bitcoin and to enable vendors to trade goods for bitcoin. While I believe this module is the most fully featured Magento Bitcoin module available at the moment, please consider this an alpha release.

I'm looking forward to feedback from vendors who are accepting Bitcoin.



If you find this module useful please consider donating an appropriate amount. It helps me justify the time spent coding to my wife and two daughters! :)


Current Features

  • New bitcoin currency and symbol. Full currency support in Magento.
  • Currency conversion and conversion rates management. Manually, or daily weighted value from Bitcoincharts service.
  • Scheduled conversion rates update is supported.
  • Accept bitcoin payment.Orders are accepted in Pending status and set to Processing when the minimum confirmation count is reached.
  • Required confirmations is configurable.
  • Fully configurable bitcoind parameters.
  • Http/Https access to bitcoin (if bitcoind configured for https).
  • Generates a new bitcoin address for every order.
  • Provides bitcoin payment address to the customer on checkout.
  • Configurable setting to display a converted grand total on checkout. (Ex: Display grand total in USD.)

Planned Features

  • Improve documentation.
  • Assign payment addresses to customer bitcoin accounts.
  • Improve checkout flow (with suggestions from store owners).
  • More Payment information in Admin order view. (Confirmation counts, etc...)
  • Identify orders that have not been paid within a configurable time threshold.
  • Improved localization.
  • Reports and merchant tools.
  • Add "We Accept Bitcoin" and "Pay With Bitcoin" widgets.
  • Hell of a lot more...


I plan to add better documentation to the Wiki. Please be sure to backup files and data before modifying your Magento instance.

  • Copy the files from this project into your Magento root.
  • Enable BTC currency for your store.
  • Go to Manage Currencies and import exchange rates.
  • Start Bitcoind.
  • Watch the hash money roll in.


  • Magento doesn't provide a good way to override locales, so the core Zend locale files are overwritten.
  • You must use the EN locale. Call me a lazy American bastard if you'd like. As of now, only the EN locale is modified. I'm happy to pull new locales.
  • The module customizes the order confirmation page. You may need to integrate the changes if you've already customized that page.

Feedback & Contributing

All feedback is welcome. I'm especially looking forward to feedback from Magento store owners. If you have a feature you'd like to see implemented please let me know.

Developers, please feel free to comment and contribute. I'll gladly pull reasonable changes and you will be credited.


Copyright 2011, Ticean Bennett

This work is licensed under the Open Software License (OSL 3.0)