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Fusioninventory Agent installer for linux
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Fusioninventory Agent for GNU/Linux

Fusioninventory agent Installer for GNU/Linux Logo

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A little step into achieving a universal GNU/Linux installer for GLPI with

Supported Distros

  • Debian 7+
  • Ubuntu 16.04 +
  • Elementary OS 5+
  • Centos 6+
  • Oracle Linux 7 (not tested)
  • Redhat 7 (not tested)


  1. Download the script
  2. Edit the file and configure.
    • Minimum settings:
      • Server:fiaglpiserver
    • Other settings:
      • Modules to install
      • Reset agent
      • FIA version
      • tag
      • debub mode
      • no ssl check
      • logger
      • no-category
    • Fixed settings:
      • Local inventory by default in /tmp
      • Logfile /var/log/fusioninventory.log
      • Colored terminal


bash ./


Please fell free to contribute. Open an issue to discuss it and a related PR with your suggested changes. Looking for:

  • Support more distros
  • Other script enhancements
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