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EntypoSymbolObjC CocoaPods Version Platform License

Icon font library for Objective C. Currently supports Entypo.Swift version is here. Entypoをシンボルフォントで呼び出せるObjectiveCライブラリです。Swit版はこちら


font used in this project

Author of the font used in this project: Entypo Link: http://www.entypo.com/

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


#import "EntypoSymbol.h"

EntypoSymbol *symbol = [EntypoSymbol iconWithCode:EntypoIconCode.behance fontSize:30.f];
[symbol addAttribute:NSForegroundColorAttributeName value:[UIColor blackColor]];

UIImage *image = [symbol image];
// UIImage *image = [symbol imageWithSize:CGSizeMake(30, 30)];

Installation (CocoaPods)

pod EntypoSymbolObjC

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