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Ticketmaster Java SDK Build Status

Detailed information about the APIs can be found here:




compile 'com.ticketmaster.api:discovery-java:0.1.8'


Basic Usage

String apikey = "<YOUR KEY>";
DiscoveryApi api = new DiscoveryApi(apikey);

PagedResponse<Events> page = api.searchEvents(new SearchEventsOperation().keyword("<SEARCH TERM>"));
List<Event> events = page.getContent().getEvents();

Rate Limit

The Rate Limit information documented here can be retrieved using:

PagedResponse<Events> page = ... ;
RateLimit rateLimit = page.getRateLimit();

Response<Event> response = ... ;
RateLimit rateLimit = response.getRateLimit();

Code example

An example on how to integrate the SDK with Maven is provided, please check this folder

Android compatibility

Although the compatibility with Android is not fully tested yet, we choose to use Java 7 and compatible dependencies.
Feel free to open issues and pull requests regarding that.


Please check out this page