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Releases: ticktackim/ticktack-workplan

Ticktack 0.4.2

14 Aug 04:20
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  • upgraded dependencies to close some security weaknesses
  • fixed a bug with publishing new Blogs
  • added a spinner to indicate when a blog is publishing (gives user feedback + prevents double-posting)


12 Jul 04:19
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Ticktack 0.4.1

This is a bug fixes and tweaks patch... and a couple of really tiny features D:
Will be released some time in the next week I hope

Here's what it includes so far:

  • fix the search page results (stops them repeating)
  • refactor of all the streams to be more performant:
    • much faster private message display
    • all streams are now 'stepped' at their source, making them much less memory intensive
  • front page now displays blogs + posts longer that 2500 chars.
  • markdown editor for blogs
    • exposes an alternate editor if you prefer to write in md
    • TODO - to get this out quickly, this currently doesn't support auto-saving of drafts in md editor mode
  • unread count refactor
    • massive tidy up of the code (which might make it easy to learn from the pattern...)
    • now makes counting a lot lighter, by making a global cache that is only initialised once 😄
  • translations update

sha256sum hashes:

79c2efc63f5a80990c769bb431780ee0d9695809cfd5e3866a6acae3b5e8f8c2  Ticktack-0.4.1-Linux-x86_64.AppImage
bee5f30dd06c88ffea7f1ab2e13bbdfd470446924021c172e4af47f3d151057e  Ticktack-0.4.1-Mac.dmg
c65189e8495c6024ada463b16c6c9c222a1634f5c4bc11d0aebe7ec113dec5bf  Ticktack-0.4.1-Windows.exe


03 Jun 23:08
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This release adds all the features listed in the pre-releases :

  • Share Blogs you like on the www
  • Beautiful inline editor
  • Stats / notifications
  • Epidemic Broadcast Tree (state of the art replication, more efficient)
  • Dark theme (Beta)
  • Identity backup / restore - NEW with this release
  • Filtering the main Blog feed (All, Subscriptions, Friends) - NEW with this release

We've folded in feedback and bugfixes from pre-release testing. Thanks everyone who reported bugs and usability challenges ❤️

0.4.0 pre-release 2

16 May 00:56
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0.4.0 pre-release 2 Pre-release

Ticktack 0.4.0 pre-release 2


Dark / Accessible Theme (Beta)



Epidemic Broadcast Trees modifies how Ticktack gossips. It's more efficient - making for more performant replication, and happier less abused pubs!


  • handle brand new Scuttlebutt users correctly (a bug found by Marco)
  • dont' display Stats page if Ticktack is using Patchwork server (as there are missing plugins)

0.4.0 pre-release 1

08 May 22:58
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0.4.0 pre-release 1 Pre-release

This time we're releasing the majority of the features for this sprint as a pre-release. We expect there to be parts which need attention and tuning, and would love feedback!

New Features

A beautiful editor for writing


  • medium-style WYSIWIG
  • auto-saves draft of your writing as you write



  • share blogs you've enjoyed with friends on the web
  • reshare blogs to your followers on scuttlebutt

This is built on the awesome work of :

  • @cel, @arj , @noffle ssb-viewer and blog plugins for that
  • @mikey's new resilient docker-based pub setup

Writing Stats and Notifications


  • quick overview of how people are engaging with your writing
  • click on specific pieces to filter view to show just stats on that piece


  • feeds to seeing who has been sharing, commenting on, and liking your work
  • easy way to quickly reply to comments within this view

This has been made easy with @matt's mutant and the support he's generously offered me.


  • added Subscribe button back in (which I accidentally broke in the last installer!)

Features still to be build for 0.4

Backup & Restore your identity

This one is super exciting!
We are enabling users to export their private keys, and then safely restore their identity on another computer at a later date. (Note for people new to scuttlebutt - if you manage this poorly, you can fork your identity, and other peers will ignore your broken feed, so doing this well takes some care)

This is a pattern that others will be able to follow

This is going to be built on the work of


This is a replication technology which will enable the safe identity restore, but also add performance improvements to replication - dramatically reducing the number of weighty connections the sbot is juggling, and the amount of network chatter needed to 'keep up to date'


15 Feb 04:08
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This release folds in a bunch of the feedback from the Scuttlebutt community, and adds new speed-ups around subscriptions which makes the Ticktack super zippy
Enjoy ❤️

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14 Feb 01:23
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v0.3.2 Pre-release

this release fixes a bunch of small bugs, but also introduced some instability. Recommend 0.3.3


12 Feb 04:58
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v0.3.1 Pre-release


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06 Feb 11:06
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v0.3.0 Pre-release

this is an early release with most of the high priority features from sprint 3 in an early stage


24 Jan 00:43
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small fixes and tweaks:

  • 🤝 fix pub auto-joining (new Singapore based pub)
  • ⚠️ only show blog type messages (instead of all posts)
  • 🇬🇧 set default language to English
  • fix header highlighing to correctly show your seciton
  • pre-fetch all blogs
  • move auto-invite to after setting avatar initially
  • upgrade to latest version of electron