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Cascal – Cassandra Simplified

Primary Author Chris Shorrock
Home Page http://wiki.github.com/shorrockin/cascal/
API Doc http://shorrockin.com/cascal/scaladocs/
Stable Version 1.1
Snapshot Version 1.2-SNAPSHOT
Scala Version 2.7.7
Cassandra Version 0.6.1


Cascal is a simple Cassandra library built on the Scala language that provides a very consistent and simple means by which you can interact with the Cassandra DB, providing simple means to:

  • Insert / List / Get / Delete
  • Batch Insert / Delete
  • Map Seq[Columns] Into Domain Objects
  • Utilize a Session Pool

One of the goals of Cassandra is to make the Thrift library operate in a way more conducive with the Scala language. As such when using Cascal you only need to used the Cascal libraries.

Please see the wiki pages for detailed usage information.

Maven Information


      <name>Shorrockin Repository</name>