Ansible roles for fun and profit
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Ansible roles for fun and profit


This one automates the process described here, and is designed to output a log of all mail sent via PHP scripts with an additional "X-Additional-Header" which can then be searched if someone complains that your server is doing something naughty

It only works with Postfix (as opposed to qmail) for now, but from what I can see, postfix is far preferable to qmail anyway :)

It's designed to be idempotent via the main.yml, so if a file called sendmail.postfix-wrapper exists, it will exit gracefully (I used "debug" rather than "fail" here, so it can be used in a play with other roles without failing the whole play).

Tested on servers with Plesk. May well work on servers without Plesk, but untested.


This will install maldet and clamav on Debian and/or Centos/RHEL.

NB This requires a specially packaged file, at a known location. You'll have to set the variable {{ maldet_download }} to this known location. Place the variable in the playbook itself, or group_vars, or wherever.

In terms of packaging the file, all you'll have to do is

  • download the *.tar.gz from the official location (currently here)
  • untar it
  • rename the containing directory to "maldetect-install"
  • tar it back up, naming the file with the name you'll assign to the variable `{{ maldet_download_file }}``
  • Make it available at the location you'll assign to the variable {{ maldet_download }}

The reason I did it this way is because it's possible that the download location and the name of the *.tar.gz file may change over time. This way, I can be reasonably sure that I'm downloading the file that I think I am.