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A child-proofed version of the Resque web interface that's safe to use by less trustworthy personnel. You get all the same information as the regular interface, but can't delete or retry anything. The interface looks the same, even all the buttons are there, but they just redirect to an Access Denied page.

Caution: Resque plugins that aren't covered here will still be able to manipulate queues. Covered:

  • Resque::Server
  • Resque::Retry
  • Resque::Scheduler
  • Resque::History
  • Resque::Cleaner


Only mounting via routes is available, not standalone executable.


  mount, :at => "/monitor"


I found authentication a bit tricky, since subclassing will use the parents authentication as well. Here is what I did to have different passwords. Note: This only works if both have different namespaces, so /resque and /monitor works for me. /resque and /resque_no_act does not.

class Resque::ServerOriginal < Resque::Server

Resque::ServerOriginal.use Rack::Auth::Basic, "Resque Interface" do |username, password|
  password == 'big_secret'

Resque::ServerNoAct.use Rack::Auth::Basic, "Child Proof Resque Interface" do |username, password|
  password == 'secret'

Contributing to resque-web_no_act

  • Let me know if you need any additional plugins covered, or:
  • fork and send a request


Copyright (c) 2012 Rainer Kuhn. See LICENSE.txt for further details.