🍵 Spinning wheel for choosing what kind of tea to have
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jQuery Tea Wheel

A web-app for choosing what tea to have from my roommate's extensive inventory.

Added so far

  • Better colours (Not dynamic yet)
  • Text colours based on luminance of background colour (dynamically set)
  • Text size adjusts based on length of title
  • Text rotates with wheel
  • Spin button accelerates rather than setting speed
  • Adding items manually
  • Arrow shows where winning item is
  • Moved to jQuery 1.7


  • Enhance interface controls
    • Retina display support
  • Polish design further
    • Building with primary intent for iPad & smartphone usage
    • Responsive CSS layout with support for landscape and portrait orientations
  • Manipulate tea metadata
  • Display tea label colours on wheel
  • Save teas to LocalStorage
  • Removing items