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SDK 下载中心

这个目录托管了各类与 Ticwear 以及 Android Wear 相关的SDK或代码库。你可以从下面的列表中直接下载他们:

  1. mobvoi-api.jar

    Ticwear SDK,包含与Ticwear应用通讯的API,以及各类Ticwear特有的强大API,详情参考快速入门,版本更新日志参看ReleaseLog

  2. google-play-services-7-8-87.zip

    Android Wear 中国版(简称AW中国版) SDK。用于开发兼容 AW中国版和国际版的 App,点击下载。若需要创建兼容AW中国版、国际版以及Ticwear三个平台的应用,参考开发兼容Ticwear和Android Wear的应用,创建仅兼容AW中国版、国际版的应用,参考创建中国版 Android Wear 应用

  3. eclipse-UI-lib.zip


  4. mobvoi-api-gms-replaceable.jar

    方便已经有AW应用的开发者,快速迁移到Ticwear平台上。点击下载,详情参考开发兼容Ticwear和Android Wear的应用

SDK download center (English version)

The git directory hosts all SDK and sample code base relate to Ticwear and Android Wear. You can download among the list below:

  1. mobvoi-api.jar:

    Ticwear SDK, including Ticwear DataLayer API which provides the communication ability between the phone and the watch and other powerful API. Please refer to Getting Started for more details. You can also refer to the ReleaseLog.

  2. google-play-services-7-8-87.zip:

    Android Wear China version (AW China for short) SDK which is for developing the apps which can run both on Android Wear global version and Android Wear China version is available here. If you want to create an app which is adapted to AW China, AW Global and Ticwear, you can refer to How to develop an app to adapt to AW and Ticwear.

  3. eclipse-UI-lib.zip:

    The UI library for the developers using Eclispe to fit for smart watch for convenience is available here and details can also be referred to here.

  4. mobvoi-api-gms-replaceable.jar:

    For the developers who already had the AW apps, we provide an easier way to transfer to the Ticwear platform. Please refer to the document and download the lib here.