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#include <jack/jack.h>
#include "file.h"
#include "jack.h"
#define MAXDELAYS 16
#define MAXDELAY 44100
#define ROUNDOFF 8
typedef struct t_node {
jack_nframes_t startFrame;
char samplename[MAXPATHSIZE+1];
int is_loop;
union {
t_sample *sample;
t_loop *loop;
unsigned int loop_start;
int channels;
float *items;
struct t_node *next, *prev;
double position;
float speed;
float pan;
float offset;
float frames;
float startframe;
float velocity;
double formant_history[CHANNELS][10];
int formant_vowelnum;
} t_sound;
extern int audio_callback(int frames, float *input, float **outputs);
extern void audio_init(void);
extern int audio_play(double when, char *samplename, float offset, float start, float end, float speed, float pan, float velocity, int vowelnum);
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