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Website for Tidal

See the actual website here:

The documentation is a Github Page based on Jekyll

Extending the documentation

To help adding more chapters or sections on the page a few steps are necessary.

The main configuration file for all chapters and sections is found in _data/chapters.yml

This file is a YAML Collection of all chapters of the documentation.


For each entry there is:

  • a corresponding markdown file with the same name (e.g. the first list entry is named getting_started and the folder is named
  • a corresponding folder with the same name prefixed with an underscore (e.g. the first list entry is named getting_started and the folder is named _getting_started).

Each chapter also has a title that is displayed in the menu and another collection of sections.


Each section has a name and a title. While the title determines the sidebar menu label, the name is used to make a separate markdown files that live in the corresponding chapter folder to appear in a certain section. The order of sections in the configuration file, determines the order in the sidebar menu.

Example: Adding content

To add a new function description within the functions chapter in the transitions section. Place a file within _functions/transitions/

Every new markdown file needs to start with a YAML prelude like this:

title: Your transition name
category: transitions

after the prelude, you can write standard markdown for the contents. The title will be displayed as the title of your function description and the category is the name of the section, your description should be placed in.

Note that placing in the subdirectory transitions is not strictly necessary, setting the category however is! Using subdirectories just makes it easier to navigate through the separate files.

Influencing the order of Content

The order of entries within a section of a chapter is always alphabetical. You can however use the weight key in your YAML prelude to have your content appear more likely on top or in the bottom of the chosen section. Weight is given in numeric values where negative values are light and will move you content to the top, while positive values are heavy and will let your content sink to the bottom. Note that weight is not an absolute position, but merely a relative way place content.