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This is a Qobuz plugin for XBMC

It enables access to Qobuz music streaming service directly from XBMC (

Main Features:

  • Show and manage (add/remove/create/rename/delete) playlists
  • Show purchased products
  • Show recommended albums by genre and type
  • Search by track name, album name and artist name
  • Integrate with xbmc gapless play
  • Support flac or mp3 play (using settings)
  • Show and manage favorites
  • musicdb support
  • Add/Remove Friends & browse their public playlists
  • Browse by genre
  • Public playlists


  • Just enter some valid Qobuz credentials using addon settings notes:
  • you need Hifi subscription to stream flac files or premium subscription to play mp3.
  • create your Qobuz account there : (you can use the translate button for your language)

Known Issues:

  • Library scan compilations and albums with guests are not always perfects...

This application uses the Qobuz API but is not certified by Qobuz. Any use of the API implies your full acceptance of the Qobuz General Terms and Conditions (