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A kitchen sink of small libraries that are used by all projects by Tidalwave. It mostly contains:

  • a few generic stuff such as Id and IdFactory;
  • the Finder API for fluent query builders;
  • support for the DCI pattern (Data Context and Interaction), with optional Spring integration;
  • a tiny but functional local Message Bus, with optional Spring integration;
  • a small, experimental Actor library;
  • some test utilities.

TheseFoolishThings supports JDK 7 and has got a small JDK 8 integration module.

Since version 3.0 lots of old stuff have been dropped:

  • Support for Swing.
  • Support for the NetBeans Platform.
  • A very small support library for Vaadin.


In order to build the project, run from the command line:

mvn -DskipTests

The project can be opened and built by a recent version of the NetBeans, Eclipse or Idea IDEs.


More information can be found on the homepage of the project.

Where can I get the latest release?

You can download source and binaries from the download page.

Alternatively you can pull it from the central Maven repositories:

    <version>-- version --</version>


We accept pull requests via Bitbucket or GitHub.

There are some guidelines which will make applying pull requests easier for us:

  • No tabs! Please use spaces for indentation.
  • Respect the code style.
  • Create minimal diffs - disable on save actions like reformat source code or organize imports. If you feel the source ode should be reformatted create a separate PR for this change.
  • Provide TestNG tests for your changes and make sure your changes don't break any existing tests by running mvn clean test.

If you plan to contribute on a regular basis, please consider filing a contributor license agreement. Contact us for more information


Code is released under the Apache Licence v2.

Additional Resources