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Tideland Go Library
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Tideland Go Libray

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Tideland Go Library provides a number of helpful packages for different areas. They are grouped by higher level packages.

  • audit provides packages to support testing
    • asserts provides routines for assertions helpful in tests and validation
    • capture allows capturing of STDOUT and STDERR
    • environments provides setting of environment variables, creation of temporary directories, and running web servers for tests
    • generators simplifies generation of test data; with a fixed random on demand even repeatable
  • db provides database clients
    • couchdb realizes a client for the CouchDB and
    • redis for Redis
  • dsa contains data structures and algorithms
    • collections contains collection types like a ring buffer, stacks, sets and trees
    • identifier allows the generation of UUIDs in different versions as well as other identifier
    • mapreduce provides a generic map/reduce algorithm
    • sort contains a parallel quicksort
    • timex helps working with times
    • version helps managing semantic versioning
  • net groups the work with the network
    • jwt implements a complete JSON Web Token plus caching
    • webbox enhances the standard HTTP multiplexing of request to handlers and functions
  • text simplifies life with text data
    • etc manages configurations including internel references to environment variables, cross references, and extraction of subtrees for using types; syntax is sml (see below)
    • gjp is the generic JSON processing without static type marshalling
    • scroller helps analyzing a continuously written line by line text content like log files
    • sml is the simple markup language, a LISP like notation using curly braces
    • stringex enhances the functionality of the standard library package strings
  • together focusses on goroutines and how to manage them more convenient and reliable
    • actor runs a backend goroutine processing anonymous functions for the serialization of changes, e.g. in a structure
    • crontab allows running functions at configured times and in chronological order
    • limiter limits the number of parallel executing goroutines in its scope
    • loop helps running a controlled endless select loop for goroutine backends
    • notifier helps at the coordination of multiple goroutines
    • wait provides a flexible and controlled waiting for conditions by polling
  • trace helps running applications and servers
    • errors is a more powerful error management than the standard package
    • location allows to retrieve current file and line, helpful for errors and logging
    • logging is a more controllable logging with an exchangeable backend, e.g. syslog
    • monitor allows to measure runtimes and monitor variables

I hope you like it. ;)



Tideland Go Library is distributed under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause license.

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