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@tidepool-org-build-uploader tidepool-org-build-uploader released this Apr 26, 2019

New features

  • Abbott Libre "scan" records are now uploaded as SMBG records with sub type "scanned"
  • Libre date & time events that happen at the same time are now combined into a single event
  • OmniPod IBFs are now stored as binary blobs on the backend
  • New Uploader releases are now automatically submitted to antivirus vendors for whitelisting
  • The QA1 environment has been added to the server list
  • Improved usability of the macOS .dmg installer

Bug fixes

  • VCA appears to be able to change non-custodial patient email address, but silently fails
  • TypeError when there are no records on a Libre reader
  • Uploader not handling the "user already exists" error
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