@tidusjar tidusjar released this Oct 25, 2018

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  • Fixed the issue with mobile notifications. [TidusJar]
  • Fixed #2514 Current TV Shows and Movies Not Being Imported Into Ombi. [TidusJar]

@tidusjar tidusjar released this Oct 20, 2018

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  • Fixed #2601
    • This fixes the newsletter
Oct 19, 2018
Merge pull request #2605 from tidusjar/develop

@tidusjar tidusjar released this Oct 18, 2018

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Hey everyone!

Apolgoies in the delay on this release, work has been consuming my life at the moment which hasn't given me much time for Ombi, but hopefully everything will return to normal soon.

Anyway here's the latest release with a load of fixes and a few new features!

New Features

  • Added the ability for users to be able to vote for new content on the server [TidusJar]

    • If the voting feature is enabled, when a user requests content it will now be available for other users to upvote or downvote on. Once the votes reach a certain number (configured in the settings) then it will automatically be approved and sent to the correct DVR program (Sonarr/Radarr etc)
  • Changes language selector to always show native language name. [Victor Usoltsev]

  • Added in the external repo so we can rip out external stuff. [TidusJar]

  • Added the ability to purge/remove issues. [TidusJar]

  • New translations [TidusJar]

  • [ImgBot] optimizes images. [ImgBotApp]

  • Users can now remove their own requests. [Anojh]

  • Date and times are now in the local users date time. [TidusJar]

  • The settings have now been split out of the main db including all of the external sync e.g. Sonarr, Radarr, Plex, Emby. [TidusJar]

  • Added UI automation tests [TidusJar]


  • When a users requests content and the voting is enabled, the user who requested is an automatic +1 vote. [TidusJar]

  • Fixes untickable mass email checkboxes in Safari. [Victor Usoltsev]

  • Fixed the issue where user preferences was not being inported into some notifications. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed lidarr newsletter bug. [TidusJar]

  • Fix the user profiles issue. [TidusJar]

  • Hides Radarr options on movie requests page if only 1 option available. [Victor Usoltsev]

  • Hides Sonarr options on tv requests page if only 1 option available. [Victor Usoltsev]

  • Fixed the issue where we could not delete users #2558. [TidusJar]

  • Subscribe the user to the request when they vote on it. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2555. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2549. [TidusJar]

  • Removed the pinID from the OAuth url #2548. [TidusJar]

  • Search for the Lidarr Album when it's a new artist. [TidusJar]

  • The album in Lidarr does not need to be marked as monitored for us to pick up it's available. Fixes #2536. [TidusJar]

  • Truncate the request album titles to prevent the overflow. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2535. [TidusJar]

@tidusjar tidusjar released this Sep 23, 2018

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  • Fixed the issue with notifications not sending. [Jamie]

  • Removes Legacy command result variables. [Qstick]

@tidusjar tidusjar released this Sep 22, 2018

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This is a small bug fix release for Lidarr.


  • Fix #2529 - Change data type to long. [Anojh]

  • Fix #2527 - Music request not triggering search and failing. [Anojh]

@tidusjar tidusjar released this Sep 21, 2018

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New Features

  • This is the one you music fans have been waiting for... I have now added Lidarr!!!! 🎶 🎹 🎵 🎧 🎼

    • Lidarr is now in Ombi, you can request and manage albums. Lidarr needs to be enabled to have this functionality.
    • To check if the content is available, we will query Lidarr for this information and not the media server.
  • Added the root folders and qualities per user! [TidusJar]

  • Added the ability to view the remaining request limit in the UI [Kenton Royal]

  • Update the .net core packages to fix "CVE-2018-8409: ASP.NET Core Denial Of Service Vulnerability" [TidusJar]

  • Updated all the .Net Core packages. [TidusJar]

  • Added the music request limits. [TidusJar]

  • Added the Notification Preferences to the user. [TidusJar]

  • Allow for the ability to set Pushover notification sound and priority from within Ombi. [David Pooley]


  • Fixed #2518 (Swedish translations missing). [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2485. (Plex OAuth was being blocked by the browser) [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2516. [TidusJar]

  • Add html for displaying remaining requests on users page. [Kenton Royal]

  • Add href to a tags so that a pointer cursor shows on requests page. [Stephen Panzer]

  • Fixed the issue if in Radarr we only want to add and monitor, if the movie already exists we search for it. [TidusJar]

  • Fix displaying year in issue dialog. [Stephen Panzer]

  • Add clearfix class. Closes #2486. [Stephen Panzer]

  • Correct path of lidarr component import for unix systems. [Kenton Royal]

  • Fix bug with TV requests in which requesting a seasion would treat request as single episode. [Kenton Royal]

  • Fixed #2481 (Update button disabled). [TidusJar]

  • New translations [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2475 (Could not request certain tv shows). [TidusJar]

  • Stript out certain characters when sending a pushover message #2385. [TidusJar]

  • Fix non-Windows builds. Fixes #2453. [Joe Groocock]

  • Many other small improvements and tweaks

@tidusjar tidusjar released this Aug 19, 2018

Assets 7


Plenty of changes in this update! Enjoy people! 🎉

Please note, due to the angular and webpack update, you will not be able to do a copy and replace. It will need to be in a fresh directory and just copy over the ombi.db

New Features

  • Added the ability to invite Plex Friends from the user management screen. [TidusJar]

  • Added rich notifications for mobile. [TidusJar]

  • Updater fixes (still a WIP). [TidusJar]

  • #2408 Added the feature to delete comments on issues. [TidusJar]

  • Added a new API method to delete issue comments. [TidusJar]

  • Updated @ngu/carousel to beta version to remove rxjs-compat dependency. [Matt Jeanes]

  • Update to Angular 6/Webpack 4. [Matt Jeanes]

  • Updated the way we create the wizard user, errors show now be fed back to the user. [TidusJar]

  • Humanize the request type enum in notifications e.g. TvShow will now appear as "Tv Show" #2416. [TidusJar]

  • Added Brazillian Portuguese as a language and also Polish. [TidusJar]

  • Upgraded to .net 2.1.2 (Includes security fixes) [TidusJar]

  • Tightened up the security from an API perspecitve. [TidusJar]

  • Updated interal packages [TidusJar]


  • Now include the release year in the issue title #2381 [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2440. [TidusJar]

  • Got Anime Series working with Sonarr [Chris Pritchard]

  • Fixed the issue where we wouldn't correctly mark some shows as available when there was no provider id #2429. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed the 'loop' in the cacher #2429. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2427. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2424. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2409. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2418 [TidusJar]

  • Made the quality override and root folder override load when we load the show (It will now appear) [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2415 where power users could not set the Sonarr Quality Override or Root Folder Override. [TidusJar]

  • #2371 Fixed the issue where certain actions would not setup the series correctly in Sonarr. [TidusJar]

  • Stop the root folder and profile calls from erroring. [TidusJar]

  • Fix for #2409. [TidusJar]

  • Possible fix for #2298. [D34DC3N73R]

  • Fixed the text for #2370. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed where you couldn't bulk edit the limits to 0 #2318. [TidusJar]

@tidusjar tidusjar released this Jul 18, 2018

Assets 7

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates and responses, I've been away with the family 🍹 🌴 🌤 .

So here is the latest release!

New Features

  • Fixed the Plex OAuth warning! This means that we no longer see the insecure message when the users use OAuth to login to Ombi. [TidusJar]

  • Updated the Emby availability checker to bring it more in line with what we do with Plex. [TidusJar]

  • Added the ability to impersonate a user when using the API Key. This allows people to use the API and request as a certain user. #2363. [TidusJar]

  • Added more background images and it will loop through the available ones. [TidusJar]

  • Added chunk hashing to resolve #2330. [TidusJar]

  • Added API at /api/v1/status/info to get branch and version information #2331. [TidusJar]


  • Fix #2322 caused by continue statement inside try catch block. [Anojh]

  • Fixed #2367. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed the issue where you could not delete a user #2365. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed the View On Emby URL since the Link changed #2368. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed the issue where episodes were not being marked as available in the search #2367. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2371. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed collection issues in Emby #2366. [TidusJar]

  • Do not delete the Emby Information every time we run, let's keep the content now. [TidusJar]

  • Emby Improvements: Batch up the amount we get from the server. [TidusJar]

  • Log errors when they are uncaught. [TidusJar]

  • Fix unclosed table tags causing overflow #2322. [Anojh]

  • This should now fix #2350. [TidusJar]

  • Improve the validation around the Application URL. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2341. [TidusJar]

  • Stop spamming errors when FanArt doesn't have the image. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed #2338. [TidusJar]

  • Removed some logging statements. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed the api key being case sensative #2350. [TidusJar]

  • Improved the Emby API #2230 Thanks Luke! [TidusJar]

  • Revert. [TidusJar]

  • Fixed a small error in the Mobile Notification Provider. [TidusJar]

  • Minor style tweaks. [Randall Bruder]

  • Downgrade to .net core 2.0. [TidusJar]

  • Downgrade Microsoft.AspNetCore.All package back to 2.0.8. [TidusJar]

  • Removed old code. [TidusJar]

  • Swap out the old way of validating the API key with a real middlewear this time. [TidusJar]

@tidusjar tidusjar released this Jun 23, 2018

Assets 7

New Features

  • Added a smaller and simplier way of getting TV Request info out of the API [TidusJar]

  • Show the popular movies and tv shows by default. [TidusJar]


  • Fixed #2348. [TidusJar]