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Interactive JSON Editor
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JD - Interactive JSON Editor

It's an experimental tool for querying and editing JSON documents. It's basically a playground to show off the path syntax of GJSON.


It's possible to add, delete, and edit any JSON value type.



# Read from Stdin
echo '{"id":9851,"name":{"first":"Tom","last":"Anderson"},"friends":["Sandy","Duke","Sam"]}' | jd

# Read from cURL
curl -s | jd

# Read from a file
jd user.json


There're pre-built binaries for Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and Windows on the releases page.

Mac (Homebrew)

brew tap tidwall/jd
brew install jd


go get -u

For a very fast JSON stream editor, check out jsoned.


Josh Baker @tidwall


JD source code is available under the MIT License.

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