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A fast little LRU cache for Go
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A fast little LRU cache.

Getting Started


To start using tinylru, install Go and run go get:

$ go get -u

This will retrieve the library.


// Create an LRU cache
var cache tinylru.LRU

// Set the cache size. This is the maximum number of items that the cache can
// hold before evicting old items. The default size is 256.

// Set a key. Returns the previous value and ok if a previous value exists.
prev, ok := cache.Set("hello", "world")

// Get a key. Returns the value and ok if the value exists.
value, ok := cache.Get("hello")

// Delete a key. Returns the deleted value and ok if a previous value exists.
prev, ok := tr.Delete("hello")

A Set function may evict old items when adding a new item while LRU is at capacity. If you want to know what was evicted then use the SetEvicted function.

// Set a key and return the evicted item, if any.
prev, ok, evictedKey, evictedValue, evicted := cache.SetEvicted("hello", "jello")


Josh Baker @tidwall


tinylru source code is available under the MIT License.

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