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A simple function to compute bootstrap intervals for commonly used regression models #206

merged 7 commits into from Jan 26, 2021


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@topepo topepo commented Jan 13, 2021

Based on some thoughts that @mine-cetinkaya-rundel gave us from her teaching.

Works for lm(), glm(), survreg(), and coxph() models


reg_intervals(mpg ~ ., data = mtcars)
#> # A tibble: 10 x 6
#>    term   .lower .estimate .upper .alpha .method  
#>    <chr>   <dbl>     <dbl>  <dbl>  <dbl> <chr>    
#>  1 am    -3.92      2.15   9.68     0.05 student-t
#>  2 carb  -2.35     -0.495  2.86     0.05 student-t
#>  3 cyl   -3.47      0.162  2.98     0.05 student-t
#>  4 disp  -0.0345    0.0150 0.0649   0.05 student-t
#>  5 drat  -5.15      1.87   4.22     0.05 student-t
#>  6 gear  -4.85      1.47   4.22     0.05 student-t
#>  7 hp    -0.104    -0.0130 0.0316   0.05 student-t
#>  8 qsec  -1.95      1.33   2.70     0.05 student-t
#>  9 vs    -4.42     -0.584  6.66     0.05 student-t
#> 10 wt    -9.41     -3.98   2.15     0.05 student-t

Created on 2021-01-12 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)

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topepo and others added 4 commits January 26, 2021 11:43
Co-authored-by: Davis Vaughan <>
Co-authored-by: Davis Vaughan <>
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mattwarkentin commented Jan 26, 2021

Hey @topepo and @DavisVaughan,

Just poking my head in here to ask about whether or not this function could be more general and thus have more widespread application. It seems to me that following the same logic already contained in the current code, this function could be made to work for any model that has a formula method for model fitting and a tidy() method, which is quite a large and growing number of models.

I am thinking the function API could look something like:

# Default args
reg_intervals(formula, data, model_fn = stats::lm, tidier = generics::tidy, ...)
# A simple lm() example would look the same
reg_interval(mpg ~ ., mtcars)

# A more "unconventional" model example would still work
reg_interval(y ~ x, df, model_fn = mlogit::mlogit)

# Could even work for models without formal tidiers by supplying your own tidier
  mpg ~ ., data = mtcars, 
  model_fn = mypkg::very_special_model, 
  tidier = function(x) {some code that returns a tibble of model coefficients}

The suggested API could piggy-back on all of the existing tidy() methods which would be nice, while still remaining somewhat agnostic to how the model results get tidy.

This type of usage may be beyond the scope of what this function is supposed to be, but I'm just thinking out loud. Perhaps it deserves to be its own function, which I'd be happy to work on, if desired.

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topepo commented Jan 26, 2021

It could but I'm wary of supporting everything.

For example, right now, we will need to add some kind of filter for models to check to see if they converged or not. That is very difficult to do with survival models (as an example) and might lead to some issues.

@topepo topepo merged commit 68b6c57 into master Jan 26, 2021
@topepo topepo deleted the reg-int branch January 26, 2021 21:39
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