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Tidyverse developer day 2019
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Tidyverse developer day 2019


Overview slides

1. Find an issue

If you start working on an issue, please comment to "claim it" so that others don't work on it. But you're encouraged to team up!

If you're working on an issue that doesn't already have the tidy-dev-day label, please comment requesting that @batpigandme add it. This makes it more visibile to us and helps us track tidyverse developer day activities.

2. Claim your issue

Add a comment saying that you're working on it so no one duplicates work.

3. Make a PR

If you have never done a PR before, find Mara, Jenny, Alison, or Mine (or anyone else from RStudio) to help you through the mechanics.

Some relevant parts of Happy Git

Sketch of R side (if working in a package)

  • Fork and clone (see above) and create a new branch.
  • devtools::check() to get baseline, hopefully all is well.
  • Make your change.
  • devtools::document()
  • devtools::check() to make sure all is well.
  • Push and make a PR, including text like "Closes #123".

4. Celebrate!

Save the date

On the Saturday following rstudio::conf, we'll be holding our first ever tidyverse developer day.

  • Where: The Sunset Room, just a couple blocks away from where rstudio::conf is being held.

  • When: January 19th, 9am-4pm.

  • Who: Anyone who would like to get better at contributing to the tidyverse! Everyone is welcome regardless of whether you've never done a PR before, or if you've already made your 10th package. We'll also host some discussions about future development plans for tidymodels.

  • What: A day of learning and coding. We'll provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, and coffee; you'll bring your laptop and enthusiasm. The tidyverse team will be on hand to help out and answer your questions.

Squad goals

The broad goal of this event is to nurture regular contributors to the tidyverse by having a day where we can work together on anything ranging from submitting your first pull request, to working on a package. The tidyverse team will be there, so we can help you hit the ground running and/or get over any stumbling blocks that you encounter. Don't have any ideas for something to work on? No problem! We'll be tagging issues in advance to make sure there's lots to do for any- and everyone, regardless of level of expertise.


Tickets are on sale now! sold out, but you can join the waitlist.

Tickets cost $10; we're charging a small fee because space is limited. All fees will be donated to Code2College, a local charity that "aims to dramatically increase the number of minority and low-income high school students who enter and excel in STEM undergraduate majors and careers".

Code of Conduct

All attendees are bound by the rstudio::conf Code of Conduct.


Have questions? Head over to the tidyverse developer day thread on the RStudio community site!

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