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dtplyr (development version)

dtplyr 1.0.0

  • Converted from eager approach to lazy approach. You now must use lazy_dt() to begin a translation pipeline, and must use collect(),,, or as_tibble() to finish the translation and actually perform the computation (#38).

    This represents a complete overhaul of the package replacing the eager evaluation used in the previous releases. This unfortunately breaks all existing code that used dtplyr, but frankly the previous version was extremely inefficient so offered little of data.table's impressive speed, and was used by very few people.

  • dtplyr provides methods for data.tables that warning you that they use the data frame implementation and you should use lazy_dt() (#77)

  • Joins now pass ... on to data.table's merge method (#41).

  • ungroup() now copies it's input (@christophsax, #54).

  • mutate() preserves grouping (@christophsax, #17).

  • if_else() and coalesce() are mapped to data.table's fifelse() and fcoalesce() respectively (@michaelchirico, #112)

dtplyr 0.0.3

  • Maintenance release for CRAN checks.

  • inner_join(), left_join(), right_join(), and full_join(): new suffix argument which allows you to control what suffix duplicated variable names receive, as introduced in dplyr 0.5 (#40, @christophsax).

  • Joins use extended and the on argument, introduced in data.table 1.9.6. Avoids copy and allows joins by different keys (#20, #21, @christophsax).

dtplyr 0.0.2

  • This is a compatibility release. It makes dtplyr compatible with dplyr 0.6.0 in addition to dplyr 0.5.0.

dtplyr 0.0.1

  • distinct() gains .keep_all argument (#30, #31).

  • Slightly improve test coverage (#6).

  • Install devtools from GitHub on Travis (#32).

  • Joins return data.table. Right and full join are now implemented (#16, #19).

  • Remove warnings from tests (#4).

  • Extracted from dplyr at revision e5f2952923028803.

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