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@hadley hadley released this Jan 27, 2017 · 170 commits to master since this release

New functions

  • as_factor() which works like as.factor() but orders levels by
    appearance to avoid differences between locales (#39).
  • fct_other() makes it easier to convert selected levels to "other" (#40)
  • fct_relabel() allows programmatic relabeling of levels (#50, @krlmlr).

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • fct_c() can take either a list of factors or individual factors (#42).
  • fct_drop() gains only argument to restrict which levels are dropped (#69)
    and no longer adds NA level if not present (#52).
  • fct_recode() is now checks that each new value is of length 1 (#56).
  • fct_relevel() gains after argument so you can also move levels
    to the end (or any other position you like) (#29).
  • lvls_reorder(), fct_inorder(), and fct_infreq() gain an ordered
    argument, allowing you to override the existing "ordered" status (#54).
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