@hadley hadley released this Feb 19, 2018 · 37 commits to master since this release

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API changes

  • fct_c() now requires explicit splicing with !!! if you have a
    list of factors that you want to combine. This is consistent with an emerging
    standards for handling ... throughout the tidyverse.

  • fct_reorder() and fct_reorder2() have renamed fun to .fun to
    avoid spurious matching of named arguments.

New features

  • All functions that take ... use "tidy" dots: this means that you use can
    !!! to splice in a list of values, and trailing empty arguments are
    automatically removed. Additionally, all other arguments gain a . prefix
    in order to avoid unhelpful matching of named arguments (#110).

  • fct_lump() gains w argument (#70, @wilkox) to weight value
    frequencies before lumping them together (#68).

Improvements to NA handling

  • as_factor() and fct_inorder() accept NA levels (#98).

  • fct_explicit_na() also replaces NAs encoded in levels.

  • fct_lump() correctly acccounts for NA values in input (#41)

  • lvls_revalue() preserves NA levels.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Test coverage increased from 80% to 99%.

  • fct_drop() now preserves attributes (#83).

  • fct_expand() and lvls_expand() now also take character vectors (#99).

  • fct_relabel() now accepts objects coercible to functions
    by rlang::as_function (#91, @alistaire47)