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huftis commented Jun 3, 2012

The way the default amount of jittering is calculated in ggplot2 (0.9.1) seems buggy, or at least sub-optimal. Here’s a simple example:


n = 100
vals = seq(1, 500, 50)
x = sample(vals, n, replace=TRUE)
y = sample(vals, n, replace=TRUE)

qplot(x, y, geom="jitter")

Even though the actual resolution in the data is 50, the points drawn are almost overlapping. Compare this to the same code but with vals = seq(0, 500, 50).

The reason is the calculations in position-jitter.r:

if (is.null(.$width)) .$width <- resolution(data$x) * 0.4
if (is.null(.$height)) .$height <- resolution(data$y) * 0.4

If you add zero=FALSE to the two resolution() functions, it will work as expected.


wch commented Jun 5, 2012

Would you like to submit a pull request for this? Some instructions on getting started here:

If not, no problem.


huftis commented Jun 7, 2012

OK. I’ll try to submit a pull request. (Might be a few days before I get time to do it.)

wch closed this in 5cce66c Jul 5, 2012

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