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@hadley hadley released this Mar 1, 2016 · 1301 commits to master since this release

New features

  • When mapping an aesthetic to a constant (e.g.
    geom_smooth(aes(colour = "loess")))), the default guide title is the name
    of the aesthetic (i.e. "colour"), not the value (i.e. "loess") (#1431).
  • layer() now accepts a function as the data argument. The function will be
    applied to the data passed to the ggplot() function and must return a
    data.frame (#1527, @thomasp85). This is a more general version of the
    deprecated subset argument.
  • theme_update() now uses the + operator instead of %+replace%, so that
    unspecified values will no longer be NULLed out. theme_replace()
    preserves the old behaviour if desired (@oneillkza, #1519).
  • stat_bin() has been overhauled to use the same algorithm as ggvis, which
    has been considerably improved thanks to the advice of Randy Prium (@rpruim).
    This includes:
    • Better arguments and a better algorithm for determining the origin.
      You can now specify either boundary or the center of a bin.
      origin has been deprecated in favour of these arguments.
    • drop is deprecated in favour of pad, which adds extra 0-count bins
      at either end (needed for frequency polygons). geom_histogram() defaults
      to pad = FALSE which considerably improves the default limits for
      the histogram, especially when the bins are big (#1477).
    • The default algorithm does a (somewhat) better job at picking nice widths
      and origins across a wider range of input data.
    • bins = n now gives a histogram with n bins, not n + 1 (#1487).

Bug fixes

  • All \donttest{} examples run.
  • All geom_() and stat_() functions now have consistent argument order:
    data + mapping, then geom/stat/position, then ..., then specific arguments,
    then arguments common to all layers (#1305). This may break code if you were
    previously relying on partial name matching, but in the long-term should make
    ggplot2 easier to use. In particular, you can now set the n parameter
    in geom_density2d() without it partially matching na.rm (#1485).
  • For geoms with both colour and fill, alpha once again only affects
    fill (Reverts #1371, #1523). This was causing problems for people.
  • facet_wrap()/facet_grid() works with multiple empty panels of data
  • facet_wrap() correctly swaps nrow and ncol when facetting vertically
  • ggsave("x.svg") now uses svglite to produce the svg (#1432).
  • geom_boxplot() now understands outlier.color (#1455).
  • geom_path() knows that "solid" (not just 1) represents a solid line (#1534).
  • geom_ribbon() preserves missing values so they correctly generate a
    gap in the ribbon (#1549).
  • geom_tile() once again accepts width and height parameters (#1513).
    It uses draw_key_polygon() for better a legend, including a coloured
    outline (#1484).
  • layer() now automatically adds a na.rm parameter if none is explicitly
  • position_jitterdodge() now works on all possible dodge aesthetics,
    e.g. color, linetype etc. instead of only based on fill (@bleutner)
  • position = "nudge" now works (although it doesn't do anything useful)
  • The default scale for columns of class "AsIs" is now "identity" (#1518).
  • scale_*_discrete() has better defaults when used with purely continuous
    data (#1542).
  • scale_size() warns when used with categorical data.
  • scale_size(), scale_colour(), and scale_fill() gain date and date-time
    variants (#1526).
  • stat_bin_hex() and stat_bin_summary() now use the same underlying
    algorithm so results are consistent (#1383). stat_bin_hex() now accepts
    a weight aesthetic. To be consistent with related stats, the output variable
    from stat_bin_hex() is now value instead of count.
  • stat_density() gains a bw parameter which makes it easy to get consistent
    smoothing between facets (@jiho)
  • stat-density-2d() no longer ignores the h parameter, and now accepts
    bins and binwidth parameters to control the number of contours
    (#1448, @has2k1).
  • stat_ecdf() does a better job of adding padding to -Inf/Inf, and gains
    an argument pad to suppress the padding if not needed (#1467).
  • stat_function() gains an xlim parameter (#1528). It once again works
    with discrete x values (#1509).
  • stat_summary() preserves sorted x order which avoids artefacts when
    display results with geom_smooth() (#1520).
  • All elements should now inherit correctly for all themes except theme_void().
    (@Katiedaisey, #1555)
  • theme_void() was completely void of text but facets and legends still
    need labels. They are now visible (@jiho).
  • You can once again set legend key and height width to unit arithmetic
    objects (like 2 * unit(1, "cm")) (#1437).
  • Eliminate spurious warning if you have a layer with no data and no aesthetics
  • Removed a superfluous comma in theme-defaults.r code (@jschoeley)
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with ggproto and R versions prior to 3.1.2.
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