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glue (development version)

  • glue() gains the .trim argument, like glue_data().

  • single_quote() double_quote() and backtick() all return NA for NA inputs (#135).

glue 1.3.1


  • glue() now has a + method to combine strings.
  • glue_sql() now collapses zero-length vector into DBI::SQL("NULL") (#134 @shrektan).

Bugfixes and minor changes

  • glue_sql() now supports unquoting lists of Id objects.
  • glue_sql() now quotes characters with NAs appropriately (#115).
  • glue_sql() now quotes Dates appropriately (#98).
  • A potential protection error reported by rchk was fixed.

glue 1.3.0

Breaking changes

  • The evaluate() function has been removed. Changes elsewhere in glue made the implementation trivial so it was removed for clarities sake. Previous uses can be replaced by eval(parse(text = text), envir).

  • collapse() has been renamed to glue_collapse() to avoid namespace collisions with dplyr::collapse().


  • compare.glue() was added, to make it easier to use glue objects in testthat::expect_equal() statements.

  • glue_col() and glue_data_col() functions added to display strings with color.

Bugfixes and minor changes

  • Glue now throws an informative error message when it cannot interpolate a function into a string (#114, @haleyjeppson & @ijlyttle).

  • Glue now evaluates unnamed arguments lazily with delayedAssign(), so there is no performance cost if an argument is not used. (#83, @egnha).

  • Fixed a bug where names in the assigned expression of an interpolation variable would conflict with the name of the variable itself (#89, @egnha).

  • Do not drop the glue class when subsetting (#66).

  • Fix glue() and collapse() always return UTF-8 encoded strings (#81, @dpprdan)

glue 1.2.0

  • The implementation has been tweaked to be slightly faster in most cases.

  • glue() now has a .transformer argument, which allows you to use custom logic on how to evaluate the code within glue blocks. See vignette("transformers") for more details and example transformer functions.

  • glue() now returns NA if any of the results are NA and .na is NULL. Otherwise NA values are replaced by the value of .na.

  • trim() to use the trimming logic from glue is now exported.

  • glue_sql() and glue_data_sql() functions added to make constructing SQL statements with glue safer and easier.

  • glue() is now easier to use when used within helper functions such as lapply.

  • Fix when last expression in glue() is NULL.

glue 1.1.1

  • Another fix for PROTECT / REPROTECT found by the rchk static analyzer.

glue 1.1.0

  • Fix for PROTECT errors when resizing output strings.

  • glue() always returns 'UTF-8' strings, converting inputs if in other encodings if needed.

  • to() and to_data() have been removed.

  • glue() and glue_data() can now take alternative delimiters to { and }. This is useful if you are writing to a format that uses a lot of braces, such as LaTeX. (#23)

  • collapse() now returns 0 length output if given 0 length input (#28).


  • Fix glue() to admit . as an embedded expression in a string (#15, @egnha).

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.

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