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Parsing a julian date fails when it's numeric and over 3 digits #1002

rrohwer opened this issue Oct 8, 2021 · 2 comments

Parsing a julian date fails when it's numeric and over 3 digits #1002

rrohwer opened this issue Oct 8, 2021 · 2 comments


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rrohwer commented Oct 8, 2021

When using parse_date_time(x = , orders = "j") it fails to parse if x is numeric and over 3 digits. It does parse correctly if x is numeric and 1 or 2 digits, and if x is character and 3 digits. Since the documentation says x can be numeric, I think this is a bug.

# these work:
parse_date_time(x = 1, orders = "j")
parse_date_time(x = 99, orders = "j")
parse_date_time(x = "100", orders = "j")

# this fails
parse_date_time(x = 100, orders = "j")
# [1] NA
# Warning message:
# All formats failed to parse. No formats found. 

Version notes from sessionInfo():
R version 4.1.0 (2021-05-18)
Platform: x86_64-apple-darwin17.0 (64-bit)
Running under: macOS Catalina 10.15.7

other attached packages:
[1] lubridate_1.8.0

Thanks for supporting this package, I rely on it! :)

@vspinu vspinu closed this as completed in 9cece56 Oct 9, 2021
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vspinu commented Oct 9, 2021


Parsing is designed for character inputs. It was failing because numeric inputs are normalized with a heuristic logic designed for full date-times.

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rrohwer commented Oct 12, 2021

Yes I assumed that based on the behavior, but FYI the documentation contradicts that character input is required.

Also, this makes it so the lubridate functions are not reversible. For example, you can parse a date to julian, but then the output is numeric and you can't directly parse it back to date.

netbsd-srcmastr pushed a commit to NetBSD/pkgsrc that referenced this issue Jun 5, 2023
Version 1.9.2


* [#1104](tidyverse/lubridate#1104) Fix
  incorrect parsing of months when %a format is present.


* Adapt to internal name changes in R-devel

Version 1.9.1


* `as_datetime()` accepts multiple formats in format argument, just like `as_date()` does.


* [#1091](tidyverse/lubridate#1091) Fix
  formatting of numeric inputs to parse_date_time.

* [#1092](tidyverse/lubridate#1092) Fix
  regression in `ymd_hm` on locales where `p` format is not defined.

* [#1097](tidyverse/lubridate#1097) Fix
  `as_date("character")` to work correctly with formats that include
  extra characters.

* [#1098](tidyverse/lubridate#1098) Roll
  over the month boundary in `make_dateime()` when units exceed their
  maximal values.

* [#1090](tidyverse/lubridate#1090)
  timechange has been moved from Depends to Imports.

Version 1.9.0


* `roll` argument to updating and time-zone manipulation functions is
  deprecated in favor of a new `roll_dst` parameter.

* [#1042](tidyverse/lubridate#1042)
  `as_date` with character inputs accepts multiple formats in `format`
  argument. When `format` is supplied, the input string is parsed with
  `parse_date_time` instead of the old `strptime`.

* [#1055](tidyverse/lubridate#1055)
  Implement `as.integer` method for Duration, Period and Interval

* [#1061](tidyverse/lubridate#1061) Make
  `year<-`, `month<-` etc. accessors truly generic. In order to make
  them work with arbitrary class XYZ, it's enough to define a
  `reclass_date.XYZ` method.

* [#1061](tidyverse/lubridate#1061) Add
  support for `year<-`, `month<-` etc. accessors for `data.table`'s
  IDate and ITime objects.

* [#1017](tidyverse/lubridate#1017)
  `week_start` argument in all lubridate functions now accepts full
  and abbreviated names of the days of the week.

* The assignment value `wday<-` can be a string either in English or
  as provided by the current locale.

* Date rounding functions accept a date-time `unit` argument for
  rounding to a vector of date-times.

* [#1005](tidyverse/lubridate#1005)
  `as.duration` now allows for full roundtrip `duration ->
  as.character -> as.duration`

* [#911](tidyverse/lubridate#911) C parsers
  treat multiple spaces as one (just like strptime does)

* `stamp` gained new argument `exact=FALSE` to indicate whether
  `orders` argument is an exact strptime formats string or not.

* [#1001](tidyverse/lubridate#1001) Add
  `%within` method with signature (Interval, list), which was
  documented but not implemented.

* [#941](tidyverse/lubridate#941)
  `format_ISO8601()` gained a new option `usetz="Z"` to format time
  zones with a "Z" and convert the time to the UTC time zone.

* [#931](tidyverse/lubridate#931) Usage of
  `Period` objects in rounding functions is explicitly documented.


* [#1036](tidyverse/lubridate#1036)
  `%within%` now correctly works with flipped intervals

* [#1085](tidyverse/lubridate#1085)
  `as_datetime()` now preserves the time zone of the POSIXt input.

* [#1072](tidyverse/lubridate#1072) Names
  are now handled correctly when combining multiple Period or Interval

* [#1003](tidyverse/lubridate#1003)
  Correctly handle r and R formats in locales which have no p format

* [#1074](tidyverse/lubridate#1074) Fix
  concatination of named Period, Interval and Duration vectors.

* [#1044](tidyverse/lubridate#1044) POSIXlt
  results returned by `fast_strptime()` and `parse_date_time2()` now
  have a recycled `isdst` field.

* [#1069](tidyverse/lubridate#1069) Internal
  code handling the addition of period months and years no longer
  generates partially recycled POSIXlt objects.

* Fix rounding of POSIXlt objects

* [#1007](tidyverse/lubridate#1007) Internal
  lubridate formats are no longer propagated to stamp formater.

* `train` argument in `parse_date_time` now takes effect. It was
  previously ignored.

* [#1004](tidyverse/lubridate#1004) Fix
  `c.POSIXct` and `c.Date` on empty single POSIXct and Date vectors.

* [#1013](tidyverse/lubridate#1013) Fix
  c(`POSIXct`,`POSIXlt`) heterogeneous concatenation.

* [#1002](tidyverse/lubridate#1002) Parsing
  only with format `j` now works on numeric inputs.

* `stamp()` now correctly errors when no formats could be guessed.

* Updating a date with timezone (e.g. `tzs = "UTC"`) now returns a POSIXct.


* `lubridate` is now relying on `timechange` package for update and
  time-zone computation. Google's CCTZ code is no longer part of the

* `lubridate`'s updating logic is now built on top of `timechange`

* Change implementation of `c.Period`, `c.Duration` and `c.Interval`
  from S4 to S3.

Version 1.8.0


* [#960](tidyverse/lubridate#960)
  `c.POSIXct` and `c.Date` can deal with heterogeneous object types
  (e.g `c(date, datetime)` works as expected)


* [#994](tidyverse/lubridate#994)
  Subtracting two duration or two period objects no longer results in
  an ambiguous dispatch note.

* `c.Date` and `c.POSIXct` correctly deal with empty vectors.

* `as_datetime(date, tz=XYZ)` returns the date-time object with HMS
  set to 00:00:00 in the corresponding `tz`


* [#966](tidyverse/lubridate#966) Lubridate is
  now built with cpp11 (contribution of @DavisVaughan)
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