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Switch from Rcpp to cpp11 #966

merged 15 commits into from
Apr 12, 2021


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FYI @hadley

This is a fairly straightforward translation from Rcpp to cpp11. The main thing to note is that cpp11 is less lenient with automatic conversions, so there are cpp_*() wrapper functions that enforce certain atomic types before passing on to C++.

@vspinu if you have time to review this, that would be great! Each commit should be very self-contained.

f793787 this commit also fixes a small bug in get_current_tz(). If you set Sys.setenv(TZ = "") and then call C_local_tz(), it would error since tz_from_R_tzone() expects a tzone attribute, not a POSIXlt object.

Also removes default arguments from exported C++ signatures, since cpp11 doesn't support them.
Currently it assumes the result of `as_posixlt()` is a `tzone` attribute, when really we need to extract the `tzone` out with `tz_from_tzone_attr()`
Additionally add a `cpp_update_dt()` wrapper, since cpp11 is less lenient about automatic type conversions
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@hadley hadley left a comment

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Looks great!

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@vspinu vspinu left a comment

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Guys, this is amazing. I somehow managed to miss the cpp11 initiative. My heart is singing. Thanks for all the work!

@@ -245,7 +259,8 @@ Rcpp::newDatetimeVector C_update_dt(const Rcpp::NumericVector& dt,
load_tz_or_fail(tzto, tzone2, "CCTZ: Unrecognized tzone: \"%s\"");

Rcpp::NumericVector out(N);
cpp11::writable::doubles out(N);
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Why do you use writable on output vectors? Can you even return cpp11::doubles back to R? Is there a performance penalty in writable constructor?

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Member Author

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Can you even return cpp11::doubles back to R

I'm fairly certain that you can, but you can't modify them at the C++ level using the cpp11 API

Is there a performance penalty in writable constructor?

No, AFAIK it just exposes the ability write to elements with syntax like out[i] = value. The constructor itself essentially just eventually calls this reserve method that calls Rf_allocVector() and then shoves the allocated memory in a doubly linked list object that can preserve it

A few things you may find interesting

The process I went through to convert lubridate over to cpp11

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Ok, I got it.

@vspinu vspinu merged commit 5f7176a into tidyverse:master Apr 12, 2021
@DavisVaughan DavisVaughan deleted the feature/cpp11 branch September 21, 2021 18:52
netbsd-srcmastr pushed a commit to NetBSD/pkgsrc that referenced this pull request Jun 5, 2023
Version 1.9.2


* [#1104](tidyverse/lubridate#1104) Fix
  incorrect parsing of months when %a format is present.


* Adapt to internal name changes in R-devel

Version 1.9.1


* `as_datetime()` accepts multiple formats in format argument, just like `as_date()` does.


* [#1091](tidyverse/lubridate#1091) Fix
  formatting of numeric inputs to parse_date_time.

* [#1092](tidyverse/lubridate#1092) Fix
  regression in `ymd_hm` on locales where `p` format is not defined.

* [#1097](tidyverse/lubridate#1097) Fix
  `as_date("character")` to work correctly with formats that include
  extra characters.

* [#1098](tidyverse/lubridate#1098) Roll
  over the month boundary in `make_dateime()` when units exceed their
  maximal values.

* [#1090](tidyverse/lubridate#1090)
  timechange has been moved from Depends to Imports.

Version 1.9.0


* `roll` argument to updating and time-zone manipulation functions is
  deprecated in favor of a new `roll_dst` parameter.

* [#1042](tidyverse/lubridate#1042)
  `as_date` with character inputs accepts multiple formats in `format`
  argument. When `format` is supplied, the input string is parsed with
  `parse_date_time` instead of the old `strptime`.

* [#1055](tidyverse/lubridate#1055)
  Implement `as.integer` method for Duration, Period and Interval

* [#1061](tidyverse/lubridate#1061) Make
  `year<-`, `month<-` etc. accessors truly generic. In order to make
  them work with arbitrary class XYZ, it's enough to define a
  `reclass_date.XYZ` method.

* [#1061](tidyverse/lubridate#1061) Add
  support for `year<-`, `month<-` etc. accessors for `data.table`'s
  IDate and ITime objects.

* [#1017](tidyverse/lubridate#1017)
  `week_start` argument in all lubridate functions now accepts full
  and abbreviated names of the days of the week.

* The assignment value `wday<-` can be a string either in English or
  as provided by the current locale.

* Date rounding functions accept a date-time `unit` argument for
  rounding to a vector of date-times.

* [#1005](tidyverse/lubridate#1005)
  `as.duration` now allows for full roundtrip `duration ->
  as.character -> as.duration`

* [#911](tidyverse/lubridate#911) C parsers
  treat multiple spaces as one (just like strptime does)

* `stamp` gained new argument `exact=FALSE` to indicate whether
  `orders` argument is an exact strptime formats string or not.

* [#1001](tidyverse/lubridate#1001) Add
  `%within` method with signature (Interval, list), which was
  documented but not implemented.

* [#941](tidyverse/lubridate#941)
  `format_ISO8601()` gained a new option `usetz="Z"` to format time
  zones with a "Z" and convert the time to the UTC time zone.

* [#931](tidyverse/lubridate#931) Usage of
  `Period` objects in rounding functions is explicitly documented.


* [#1036](tidyverse/lubridate#1036)
  `%within%` now correctly works with flipped intervals

* [#1085](tidyverse/lubridate#1085)
  `as_datetime()` now preserves the time zone of the POSIXt input.

* [#1072](tidyverse/lubridate#1072) Names
  are now handled correctly when combining multiple Period or Interval

* [#1003](tidyverse/lubridate#1003)
  Correctly handle r and R formats in locales which have no p format

* [#1074](tidyverse/lubridate#1074) Fix
  concatination of named Period, Interval and Duration vectors.

* [#1044](tidyverse/lubridate#1044) POSIXlt
  results returned by `fast_strptime()` and `parse_date_time2()` now
  have a recycled `isdst` field.

* [#1069](tidyverse/lubridate#1069) Internal
  code handling the addition of period months and years no longer
  generates partially recycled POSIXlt objects.

* Fix rounding of POSIXlt objects

* [#1007](tidyverse/lubridate#1007) Internal
  lubridate formats are no longer propagated to stamp formater.

* `train` argument in `parse_date_time` now takes effect. It was
  previously ignored.

* [#1004](tidyverse/lubridate#1004) Fix
  `c.POSIXct` and `c.Date` on empty single POSIXct and Date vectors.

* [#1013](tidyverse/lubridate#1013) Fix
  c(`POSIXct`,`POSIXlt`) heterogeneous concatenation.

* [#1002](tidyverse/lubridate#1002) Parsing
  only with format `j` now works on numeric inputs.

* `stamp()` now correctly errors when no formats could be guessed.

* Updating a date with timezone (e.g. `tzs = "UTC"`) now returns a POSIXct.


* `lubridate` is now relying on `timechange` package for update and
  time-zone computation. Google's CCTZ code is no longer part of the

* `lubridate`'s updating logic is now built on top of `timechange`

* Change implementation of `c.Period`, `c.Duration` and `c.Interval`
  from S4 to S3.

Version 1.8.0


* [#960](tidyverse/lubridate#960)
  `c.POSIXct` and `c.Date` can deal with heterogeneous object types
  (e.g `c(date, datetime)` works as expected)


* [#994](tidyverse/lubridate#994)
  Subtracting two duration or two period objects no longer results in
  an ambiguous dispatch note.

* `c.Date` and `c.POSIXct` correctly deal with empty vectors.

* `as_datetime(date, tz=XYZ)` returns the date-time object with HMS
  set to 00:00:00 in the corresponding `tz`


* [#966](tidyverse/lubridate#966) Lubridate is
  now built with cpp11 (contribution of @DavisVaughan)
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