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feature request: trim whitespace on read #211

gitJMDR opened this Issue Oct 20, 2016 · 4 comments


4 participants

gitJMDR commented Oct 20, 2016

It'd be great to have an option like strip.white=TRUE, or strip_white=BOTH to automatically remove leading or trailing whitespace on import.


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svenhalvorson commented Nov 7, 2016

I think this is very important as well especially in light of how dplyr takes in column names. If you import a data set with spaces in the column names, you can't even use rename() to fix the problem


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jennybc commented Jan 5, 2017

@svenhalvorson Even if leading and trailing whitespace is trimmed, this won't touch embedded whitespace. You can deal with such column names like so:

(df <- tibble(`with space` = 1:2))
#> # A tibble: 2 × 1
#>   `with space`
#>          <int>
#> 1            1
#> 2            2
df %>% 
  rename(no_space = `with space`)
#> # A tibble: 2 × 1
#>   no_space
#>      <int>
#> 1        1
#> 2        2

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hadley commented Mar 24, 2017

Alternatively you could just do: purrr::modify_if(df, is.character, trimws) (assuming you have the dev version of purrr, which will be released soon).

Having this as an option just doesn't feel that important for readxl to me.


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jennybc commented Mar 28, 2017

Why it's needed:

  1. It is handy.
  2. readr does it and readxl wants to grow up to be readr, but for spreadsheets.
  3. The modify_if() workaround doesn't address column names. Sure, something similar could be done on the names. But that gets back to point 1.

Why it's not needed:

  • Col type guessing is different in readxl vs readr: it's based on cell types declared in the xls[x] file, not on the data. So whitespace trimming isn't nearly as high stakes. Post import modification of character cols, e.g. modify_if(), is viable.

@jennybc jennybc added this to TODO in jennybc Mar 29, 2017

@jennybc jennybc closed this in 00a8891 Apr 8, 2017

@jennybc jennybc moved this from TODO to Done in jennybc Apr 11, 2017

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