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add_row() silently converts factor to character vector #296

wibom opened this Issue Aug 18, 2017 · 1 comment


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wibom commented Aug 18, 2017

mydata <- tibble(
     a = letters[1:3] %>% factor(),
     b = 1:3)

Adding a row at the bottom works as expected:

mydata %>% add_row(b = 4)
# A tibble: 4 x 2
       a     b
  <fctr> <dbl>
1      a     1
2      b     2
3      c     3
4     NA     4

But adding a row to the top silently converts mydata$a to a character vector:

 mydata %>% add_row(b = 4, .before = 1)
# A tibble: 4 x 2
      a     b
  <chr> <dbl>
1  <NA>     4
2     a     1
3     b     2
4     c     3

@krlmlr krlmlr closed this in b14143b Aug 18, 2017


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krlmlr commented Aug 18, 2017

Thanks for reporting!

krlmlr added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 22, 2017

Merge tag 'v1.3.4'
Bug fixes

- Values of length 1 in a `tibble()` call are recycled prior to evaluating subsequent arguments, improving consistency with `mutate()` (#213).
- Recycling of values of length 1 in a `tibble()` call maintains their class (#284).
- `add_row()` now always preserves the column data types of the input data frame the same way as `rbind()` does (#296).
- `lst()` now again handles duplicate names, the value defined last is used in case of a clash.
- Adding columns to zero-row data frames now also works when mixing lengths 1 and 0 in the new columns (#167).
- The `validate` argument is now also supported in `as_tibble.tbl_df()`, with default to `FALSE` (#278).  It must be passed as named argument, as in `as_tibble(validate = TRUE)`.


- `format_v()` now always surrounds lists with `[]` brackets, even if their length is one. This affects `glimpse()` output for list columns (#106).
- Factor levels are escaped when printing (#277).
- Non-syntactic names are now also escaped in `glimpse()` (#280).
- `tibble()` gives a consistent error message in the case of duplicate column names (#291).
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