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Bug fixes

  • Time series matrices (objects of class mts and ts) are now supported in as_tibble() (#184).
  • The all_equal() function (called by all.equal.tbl_df()) now forwards to dplyr and fails with a helpful message if not installed. Data frames with list columns cannot be compared anymore, and differences in the declared class (data.frame vs. tbl_df) are ignored. The all.equal.tbl_df() method gives a warning and forwards to NextMethod() if dplyr is not installed; call all.equal(as.data.frame(...), ...) to avoid the warning. This ensures consistent behavior of this function, regardless if dplyr is loaded or not (#198).

Interface changes

  • Now requiring R 3.1.0 instead of R 3.1.3 (#189).
  • Add as.tibble() as an alias to as_tibble() (#160, @LaDilettante).
  • New frame_matrix(), similar to frame_data() but for matrices (#140, #168, @LaDilettante).
  • New deframe() as reverse operation to enframe() (#146, #214).
  • Removed unused dependency on assertthat.



  • Keep column classes when adding row to empty tibble (#171, #177, @LaDilettante).
  • Singular and plural variants for error messages that mention a list of objects (#116, #138, @LaDilettante).
  • add_column() can add columns of length 1 (#162, #164, @LaDilettante).

Input validation

  • An attempt to read or update a missing column now throws a clearer warning (#199).
  • An attempt to call add_row() for a grouped data frame results in a helpful error message (#179).



  • Fix typo in obj_sum documentation (#193, @etiennebr).
  • Reword documentation for tribble() (#191, @kwstat).
  • Now explicitly stating minimum Rcpp version 0.12.3.


  • Using registration of native routines.