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tibble 1.4.2

@krlmlr krlmlr released this
· 2113 commits to main since this release
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Bug fixes

  • Fix OS X builds.
  • The tibble.width option is honored again (#369).
  • tbl[1, , drop = TRUE] now behaves identically to data frames (#367).
  • Fix error message when accessing columns using a logical index vector (#337, @mundl).
  • glimpse() returns its input for zero-column data frames.


  • enframe(NULL) now returns the same as enframe(logical()) (#352).
  • tribble() now ignores trailing commas (#342, @anhqle).
  • Updated vignettes and website documentation.


  • Faster printing of very wide tibbles (#360).
  • Faster construction and subsetting for tibbles (#353).
  • Only call nrow() and head() in glimpse(), not ncol().